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2.5 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Guns of Banaras
Directed By: Sekhar Suri
Cast: Karann Nathh, Nathalia Kaur, Vinod Khanna, Abhimanyu Singh, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shilpa Shirodkar, Zarina Wahab, Mohan Agashe, Tej Sapru
Run Time: 128 Minutes
Review By: Manisha Karki

Guns Of Banaras is a film that showcases the life style of the people living in Banaras.

Guns Of Banaras
Guns Of Banaras

The film is based on the superhit Tamil film Polladhavan (2007), that starred Dhanush and Divya Spandana. The story is about a young man Guddu Shukla played by Karann Nathh. He is careless and wants to live life on his own terms. His life revolve around bikes, he is madly in love with bikes. After a while, along with bikes, his world also starts revolving around a girl, Hema (Nathalia Kaur).

The story begins when Guddu buys a bike with the money his father gives him to do something in life. After his bike arrive in his life his life changes – he gets a job, he finds the love of his life and even his family become happy seeing him doing handwork.

The first half of the film is bit slow and it is kind of an introduction to Guddu Shukla’s character and also the guy who becomes his rival which is played by Ganesh Venkatraman. Ganesh is a gang member, the gang is run by his big brother (Abhimanyu Singh), who he has to listen too everytime. However Ganesh is hot headed and wants to do what ever he likes.

Guns Of Banaras
Guns Of Banaras

The second half of the film is the main story where Guddu looses his bike as it is taken by the gang for smugling purpose. In the rivalary that take place between Karann and Ganesh, is what the story is all about.

Director Sekhar Suri has done a fantastic job, the scene of the film is well scripted and has beatifully showcased Banaras. The people, the dialogue, the type of clothes they wear, the thing they do are presented in the way that people can relate too. If we look at the music in the film the songs are composed by Sohail Sen and written by Sameer Anjaan. They have made the track perfect as per the scene of the story and which goes scenes by scene.

The only thing in the film that will tick you off is the background score of the film which is loud. Also, people who see a lot of south film can predict the story.

While the best part of the film is it’s action in the climax scene, the face off between Nathh and Venkatraman, it looks suspiciously like a South Indian masala action film dubbed in Hindi.

Guns Of Banaras
Guns Of Banaras

Talking about the perfomance, Karann Nathh comeback after 15 years will be loved by his fans as all loved him in Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa. He has mainted himself well even after all these years. If we look at his hardwork as Guddu Shukla it’s outstanding. He was totally into the character and was good on-screen. However he must have stared with some fresh content rather than a remake. The other one on the opposite of him is Ganesh Venkatraman who played a baddie so well in his bollywood debut. His work in south film is remakable and in this he has also created magic with his acting skills.

The actress of the film, Nathalia Kaur has tried hard to fit into the character, however her role was not that strong and convincing in the film. She still has worked fine. The baddie and the big brother Abhimanyu Singh was super good and his wife played by Shilpa Shirodkar, the queen in televison and films earlier, has excelled in her work.

The biggest surprise element in the film was late Vinod Khanna. Fans always love him and will definately go to see this legend on-screen. The mother played by Zarina Wahab was the perfect choise for her role.

All the other character in the film like Mohan Agashe & Tej Sapru has been a best support for the film.

We with all our hearts give this film 2.5 stars. For more updates from the world of cinema stay tuned to UrbanAsian.

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