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2.5 Urbanasian Rating

Director: Q

Starring: Tanmay Dhanania, Trimala Adhikari, Satarupa Das, Satchit Puranik, Gitanjali Dang, Shruti Viswan, Hina Saiyada, Krishnendu B Moitra, Nikhil Chopra

First things first. Garbage is not abstract like Q’s earlier film Tasher Desh. But you still don’t really know why this film was made.

Rami (Trimala Adhikari) seeks a place to stay in Goa as she faces a huge personal crisis & wants to run away from the world. Phanishwar (Tanmay Dhanania) is the taxi driver who picks her up from the airport. He has chained a girl at his home and treats her like a slave. He’s initially good to Rami but we soon come to know that he has ulterior motives.

Garbage Movie Poster
Garbage Movie Poster

There are some films which you don’t know whether you’ve really liked or not as soon as you get out of the theatre and Garbage is certainly one of them. The thing that works for the film is its characters. Almost all the characters in Garbage are twisted and you’re able to see and understand where they are coming from, without really judging them. When the film ends, you never really know what hit you. Without giving any spoilers, let us tell you that many things shown in the film will make you uncomfortable and make you think. The part about taking law into your own hands, because you’ve been wronged, is very questionable.

All the actors have done a fabulous job. You’ll remember Trimala & Phanishwar’s performance for a long time to come.

Much of the angst shown in Garbage is misguided. We give it 2.5 stars.

We were able to watch the film at Jio MAMI’s Year-Round Programme.

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