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5 Urbanasian Rating

Well, how do I begin this? You ought to bring a box of tissues with you for this film…

I cannot emphasize how much of a sucker I am for emotional films with effective social messages, it is literally the kind of cinema I crave for.

Actor Zaira Wasim’s transition from Dangal to Secret Superstar was seamless and outstanding. It is super motivating for other artists to see this girl grow just a year between her two films and deliver an outstanding performance on digital. I feel even more hungry as a growing artist to achieve more and more each day watching her today play the role of Insia MalikMukesh Chhabra surely deserves a pat on the back for finding such a gem of an actor like Zaira.

Secret Superstar

Debut story writer and director Advait Chandan touched every emotion inside me while I was watching his masterpiece come together in two-and-half hours. Various messages were touched but it was done in such a seamless matter, through dialogue, action, and emotion. Plus Amit Trivedi’s music Kausur Munir’s lyrics added a huge weight to the film’s storytelling. I cannot forget to mention debut playback singer Meghna Mishra who was the voice of Insia’s heart and soul.

Other actors like Meher Vij who plays the heart touching role of Insia’s mother made me want to turn to my mom and give her a tight hug. Little Guddu played by Kabir Sajid, was not just a cute little brother on-screen but acted through his innocent eyes and smile. And I definitely cannot forget producer and actor Aamir Khan who had a little screen appearance but a huge role in the film, as always brings himself in a new persona and delivers a unique addition to the story.

Secret Superstar pulls every string of your heart and mind and has you walking out of the theater with a smile on your face.

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