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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: Bhangra Paa Le
Directed By: Sneha Taurani
Cast: Sunny Kaushal, Rukshar Dhillon, Shriya Pilgaonkar
Run Time: 130 minutes
Review By: Grinell Jacinto

Bhangra Paa Le Review
Bhangra Paa Le

Bhangra Paa Le, which literally translates to ‘let’s do the Bhangra’, is sure make you want to dance to their multiple songs and match steps with Jaggi and Simi. The film is set in two time periods and follows the lives of Jaggi and his grandfather Kaptan.

Kaptan, a Punjabi who loves Bhangra, joins the British forces during the ongoing World War because of his father. Jaggi is a modern Punjabi munda who wants to showcase Bhangra on an international platform for all to know how Bhangra helped his grandfather. What the next 2hours consist of is how this dance form helped both grandfather and grandson over come there problems.

The switch between both time periods is good and doesn’t seem abrupt or forced.
The music, the dance and the energy is highly contagious and will impressed you. The songs are many but given that this is a dance film you cannot complain. Also, the powerful performances will make sure you have no problems hearing them.

Besides the music and dance, hats off to the cinematographer who not only takes you on a journey through modern Punjab and London but also does a good job in depicting the World War 2 period Punjab and battle areas.

Talking about acting, the actors have delivered believable performances but didn’t have an extra ‘wow’ feel. Sunny Kaushal is full of energy and Rukshar matches up to it. But the innocence of Shriya is just beautiful.

Sneha Taurani’s work as a debut director is ok but not worth going gags over. The script of the film is weak. The dialogues are repetitive and nothing out of the blue.

Just A Question: Do all Punjabi’s- especially the girls – only love drinking vodka? Think and let me know in the comments.

The story of the film is not something Bollywood hasn’t tried but it’s a good watch.

We give Bhangra Paa Le 3 stars.

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