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DisneyPlus Hotstar’s newest release ‘Apurva’ stars Tara Sutaria in the title role, alongside Rajpal Yadav, Abhishek Banerjee, and Dhairya Karwa. The film follows Sutaria’s character as she goes from an excited bride-to-be to a fierce lioness trying to escape the clutches of kidnappers on her way to Agra. 

Photo credit to Tara Sutaria’s Instagram

Sutaria steals the show with a flawless performance as Apurva, and makes the audience believe in her strength throughout her journey trying to escape from Yadav and Banerjee’s characters. She showcases extreme nuance in portraying Apurva’s shift from an innocent bride to be, to a courageous hostage looking for ways to get back home. This type of role is a first for Sutaria, who has acted in a thriller before (Tadap), but never as gritty and tenacious of a character as Apurva. The breakdown scene of Apurva at the end of the film makes the audience feel immense sadness at her situation, as someone who had to go to extraordinary lengths, including killing, in order to save herself. 

Rajpal Yadav does immense justice to his role as Jugnu, the head gangster in the group. As a seasoned comic actor, it’s difficult to break that mold in the audience’s mind, yet Yadav is able to carve space as a villain in the film. He makes the viewer despise Jugnu and the way he behaves, not only towards Apurva, but towards other characters in the film as well. 

‘Apurva’ is now streaming on DisneyPlus Hotstar!

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