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3 Urbanasian Rating

Feature Name: A Thursday

Star Cast: Yami Gautam, Neha Dhupia, Atul Kulkarni, Dimple Kapadia, and ensemble.

Director: Behzad Kambata

OTT: Disney+ Hotstar

RunTime: 120 Minutes


What happens when a cheerful kindergarten teacher draws a gun and holds the children hostage? A picture perfect day takes a nefarious turn as the perpetrator puts innocent lives at risk!


A Thursday Review: Yami Gautam's intriguing hostage drama will fill you up with emotions!
A Thursday Review: Yami Gautam’s intriguing hostage drama will fill you up with emotions!


Loaded with suspense and unprecedented situations, ‘A Thursday’ shall keep viewers stuck to their screens till the very end.

Post a slew of blockbuster hits presented on the platform, Disney+ Hotstar is ready to enthrall viewers with A Thursday, a high stakes hostage drama laced with suspense.



‘A Thursday’ begins with a joyful backdrop of a kindergarten amidst giggles and innocent glee, when Naina Jaiswal (Yami Gautam Dhar), the teacher, suddenly takes her students hostage. Why has Naina taken such a drastic step? What is her final objective? A million questions to answer with little time to resolve as innocent lives are at stake! A narrative that explores the dark side of human nature, unpredictable turn of events and secretive schemes.


Behzad Kambata’s direction is superior. The nearly two-hour long film has no song and dance or lighter moments.

The focus is just on the story and the main characters. And Behzad manages to grip the viewers from start to finish. What’s commendable is that the finale is hard-hitting and clapworthy and to a great extent does justice to the legacy and impact of the predecessor (of sorts), A WEDNESDAY.


On the flipside, it’s a little unconvincing to see that a person single-handedly was able to take the kids hostage and the cops and the commandos outside stood as mute spectators. The track of the journalist, Shalini Guha (Maya Sarao), is also weak. However, these are minor faults and the twists and turns in the second half compensate for all the shortcomings. The suspense is unpredictable.


A THURSDAY’s beginning makes one feel that it’s a sweet, light-hearted film. But soon, the thrilling background score is played and one realizes that Naina has a sinister plan in her mind.

The way she takes the kids hostage without making them feel that they are in such a situation and the way she negotiates with the cops has been done very nicely. The tu-tu-main-main between Catherine and Javed enhances the entertainment quotient. Post-interval, the interrogation of Rohit is gripping.



The film stagnates after this sequence. However, the scene where Naina gets attacked while the kids are listening to meditative music in their noise-cancelling headphones once again piques interest.

The last 15-20 minutes are terrific. ami Gautam Dhar delivers the most accomplished performance of her career. She has always been a fine performer but after this film, she’ll be seen in a different light.


Her performance is just right and the way she switches from being menacing to being very sweet is seen to be believed.

Atul Kulkarni is highly entertaining and is lovely as the sarcastic and kind-hearted cop. Neha Dhupia had played a similar part in SANAK [2021] but here, her role is fleshed out in a better way.

And her performance is also first-rate. Dimple Kapadia is very good and suits the part. Karanvir Sharma is quite good in the supporting role. Maya Sarao is nice but doesn’t get much scope. Kalyanee Mulay and Boloram Das lend able support. Others are fine.


The film is directed by Behzad Khambataa and produced by RSVP Mvies and Blue Monkey Films. A Thursday will be available on Disney+ Hotstar from 17th February 2022 onwards.

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