Posted on July 12, 2023 at 7:43 am



Soumita Saha’s latest original is a splendid blend of Contemporary EDM and Traditional Music

Interflow of quivery beats of EDM and Timeless melodies Traditional Music creates avant-garde combination that results in mesmerizing and enchanting fusion for listeners. Soumita Saha’s latest song ‘Yaad Piya ki’ is one such example. “Yaad Piya Ki” is not just a song; it is a creation that represents the artistic evolution of the singer, but also a revolutionary example of fusion. Collaborating with Arindam Bhadra (Bumba) has allowed Soumita to explore new dimensions and present her creativity in a different light. Together they have crafted a masterpiece that will touch the hearts of listeners.

Soumita’s dedication to her craft and her ability to experiment with different genres sets her apart as a versatile artist. She aims to bring something fresh and exciting to the music industry with each new project and “Yaad Piya ki” is no exception. Yaad Piya Ki has been writen composed by Soumita, while Music Producer Arindam Bhadra Bumba ‘s effort by intertwining the pulsating beats synthetic sounds and futuristic production techniques of EDM with the timeless melodies gave a different dimension to the song.


Music video of Yaad Piya Ki shall release on July 17 from Melotunes Official YouTube channel, July 17 happens to be Soumita’s Birthday. In a candid interview Soumita told Urban Asian” It is not amazing to share birthday with your creation “. Soumita further added ” We’re excited about this song as it offers a fresh and innovative perspective on both styles pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional or modern.” The song, ‘Yaad Ki Piya Ki’ – ‘s foundation lies in the beautiful Raaga Mishra Pilu, adding a touch of nostalgia and depth to the overall composition.

In this highly anticipated music video, Soumita has taken her artistic talents to new heights by incorporating elements of Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night as inspiration for her art. It will be a visual masterpiece, as the traditional tune seamlessly blends into the electrifying realm of EDM. Soumita’s intention is to create a captivating experience for her audience, where they can immerse themselves in the into the visual experience of her traditional tune blended with EDM. ” Whenever official Trailer of my work launches, my audience expect me to introduce bits and pieces of painting footage in the final video. So here we have a painting relevant to meaning that’s inspired by Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. ” Adds Soumita Saha.

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