Posted on May 27, 2021 at 2:01 am


India’s Second Wave: How Social Media is Saving Lives

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During India’s devastating second wave of COVID-19, Indians at home and abroad have seen the power of social media in helping connect resources to those suffering from the virus. 

Over the past few weeks, India is suffering from the worst COVID-19 outbreak seen in the world, registering over 400,000 cases every day. Citizens are dying from a lack of oxygen in hospitals, and patients are outnumbering the amount of hospital beds available. 

Indian’s living abroad are attempting to help their family members back home in any way possible. Through the power of social media, non-profit organizations are appealing to Indians living abroad to donate as much as they can. 

Sewa International is collecting donations to provide oxygen cylinders to several hospitals all over India. They are using Instagram to share infographics regarding India’s second wave, and help raise money. Their “Help India Breathe” campaign has sent more than 4500 oxygen concentrators distributed to 16 states (last updated My 2, 2021). 


Khalsa Aid USA is another organization on the ground that is providing oxygen tanks and other medical resources to hospitals and clinics all over India. Their social media posts are focused on highlighting the work they have done so far, as well as urging their followers to donate and create fundraisers to help provide more resources to India. 



Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and her husband, popular singer Nick Jonas, have also used their social media platforms to appeal to fans. They have partnered with the Give India fundraiser to help raise money to increase the supply of oxygen, set up oxygen concentration plants, and create testing and vaccination centers. Through their combined amount of over 100 million people, they have set a goal of one million dollars, of which they have raised $912,538. 

Bollywood actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood has set up the Sonu Sood Foundation to help provide healthcare resources to citizens across India. The actor has been active on his social media, to fulfill requests from fans regarding oxygen cylinders and hospital beds. Indians, both home and abroad, can donate to support his foundation on the website.

NDTV journalist, Harpreet Singh, has been using his Twitter to connect his friends living in the United States to resources in India for their family and friends. His website lays out five steps NRI’s can take to help their loved ones in India during this outbreak.  


Beyond social media, there are public dashboards of PAN India COVID resources available online. A group of volunteers created a COVID Care Resources Workbook that gives information regarding ambulances to contact, hospitals with open beds, and contact information for oxygen cylinders depending on the city in India.

This story is developing, and will be continuously updated.

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