Posted on October 12, 2020 at 3:00 am


Aamir Ali: I think we’ve all come to realise, health above everything

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Aamir Ali who recently returned to the city after shooting the first leg of his new webseries Black Widow.
Aamir Ali: I think we've all come to realise, health above everything
Aamir Ali
He had quarantined himself & only returned to his house after he tested negative for Covid. He has apparently started working out twice as much and keeping a tab on his diet.

Aamir shares his perspective on the pandemic & the lockdown,

‘My mother & I were discussing this the other day, in her 77 years of her life, she’s not witnessed something of this magnitude. This is new for us and being locked up in our homes for the last many months. We’ve all come to realise what the universe has been trying to tell us, take care of your body, that is the only place we have to live in. The only thing that is helping us sail through the pandemic is how strong our body is from within, your immunity power. Either you have a flat stomach, a four pack or 6 pack abs, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re healthy from body and also mind. The virus did not differentiate between status, religion, education. So the mantra primarily boils down to healthy living.’

Talking about a change in a perception & outlook of life Aamir shares,

‘It is easier to put out a message asking people to be positive, relaxed but it’s much harder to put it in practice. Practicing positivity habits is a serious effort and needs consistency. Are you willing to not really care about what people think of you or who reached out to you and who didn’t? Be kind but first be kind to oneself.’
‘I’ve toiled all these years making careful investments for the future to come. But I’ve understood now that life comes with an unpredictability. I used to have a minimalist approach pre- Covid but going with the uncertainty that life brings. I think you’ll see me following my passions deeply & buying that expensive watch or a gadget I had my eyes on,’ quips Aamir.

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