Posted on April 22, 2020 at 9:04 am

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Kartik Aaryan’s Hit Show Koki Poochega Is Filled With Awareness And High On Woman-Power!

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Kartik Aaryan has truly proved to be a crusader in these difficult times. It first all began with his hit monologue #CoronaStopKaroNa.

Kartika Aaryan's Koki Poochega
Kartika Aaryan’s Koki Poochega

It took the social media by storm where he explained the importance of social-distancing. And he didn’t stop his self-made awareness-programme for the masses there.

Aaryan went ahead and turned his hit monologue into a rap. Later even turned into a virtual chat show host. To spread the right information about the pandemic.

Kartik Aaryan launched his hit show Koki Poochega a couple of days back on his Youtube channel and broke the internet.

His smart initiative to use his star power, to enlighten his innumerable followers about Coronavirus is commendable.

Our Koki not just met COVID-19 warriors and got insights about the fatal infection and the plight. He also made the chat show lighter in these dark times with his effortless charm.

His first interview with Sumiti Singh, India’s first COVID-19 survivor, was filled with humour and laughter.

Kartik followed the pattern in his other two episodes. Dr Meemansu Buch and MP, Police officer Madhurveena.

All three episodes were packed with knowledge, laughter and fun moments which left a lasting effect on social media. Their profession and even how their family is dealing with the current scenario.

Amidst all this, Kartik wanted all his initial episodes to have female interviewees.

A source close to the actor tells us, that the heartthrob wanted the women to speak out loud through his show.

“While the first COVID 19 survivor happened to be a girl. He made sure that the doctor and a cop that he interviews are women. He wanted to know how a young female doctor is curing patients and selflessly working for the nation. Even with his police-episode, he wanted to know how a lady cop’s life in this lockdown when she’s on duty. And it wasn’t done with as an act of sympathy. He just wanted to show the world, that how women can achieve anything they want to. Women are also a driving force in serving the nation, which is usually not brought out in the media. Kartik made sure he puts across this strong point out there too without even making a hullabaloo about it. He also made sure he just doesn’t centre his show around Mumbai and get the warriors from the city. But he picked these real-life heroes across the nation.”

Well, that’s true. Kartik Aaryan has silently using his star-power to be out there for his nation to fight the pandemic.

He even pledged Rs 1 crore to the PM Cares Relief Funds and this act hailed him as a true hero in the public eye.

For donating such a generous amount at such a young age. Kartik Aaryan is truly a rockstar and we love him!

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