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Turkish Actor Kenan Acar talks films and India!

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India is all about Bollywood but we see that India also has a passion for Turkish cinema as well – over the years the Turk Cinema industry has gained tremendous amount of fans from overseas. As we follow the cinema and it’s culture we sat down with one actor who is best known for playing the part of Kadir in the TV series Don’t Let Go of My Hand also known as Elimi Birakma. He has also appeared in projects like Meryem and Cesur yürek. Check our chat with Kenan Acar about his work and much more!

How does it feel to get so much love from fans across the world? 

it makes me feel like the world is such a small and cozy place getting so much love from all over the world is precious. It proofs me that you can touch anybody it doesn’t matter how far.. 

Your shows are being watched by many in India and UK and US with a major following of fans loving the show playing as Kadir. How does that make you feel.

It gives me inspiration and power to work and create more.. 

What made you want to go into acting?

I’ve been a film buff since I know myself.. I remember catching myself putting into actors shoes when i was watching a movie. How does he do that? How does she do that? How many times did they do it..:) then.. that curiosity pulls me on the stage.

How do you prepare for a role and decide on what you want to take on?

it changes for every role to be honest but basically i describe the character than i try to find what is fit and not fit with my own daily character. These answers give so much clue about the role. And when you find how does your character feel during the day, what is his/her passion? What is his/her biggest dream? What does he want to do before die? They draw most of the canvas..

Aamir Khan is a famous actor who is know by many Turks along with Raj Kapoor. First gen Turks know him well. Have you watched Bollywood films before? If so any favs? 

Aamir Khan is one of my inspirations as an actor. He is a master at combining the local stories with a global mind. Dance with action, drama with comedy.. he has his own genre for me. Pk, 3 idiots, dangal are my favs.. hope to meet and work with him some day..

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If you had to choose an actor in Turkey to play a biography on who would you choose?

Yılmaz Güney.

If you had the chance to act in a Indian movie would you? 

Of course! That would be an honor for me


Round Up! 

1. favorite holiday? i went to camping at Croatian mountains with my core crew in 2017.. nature, music, moments.. 

2. Favorite destination – Baliii!

3 one place you want to go that you haven’t – London!

4. Favorite Hollywood crush or actress – Margot Robbie

5 favorite food – Calmari

6. What does Kenan do in his spare time? – he hangs out with his entrouage 🙂 – does some juggling, spins fire! 


Be sure to check out more of Kenan Acar here and his upcoming work! We can’t wait to see more of him! Season 2 of his new show to be aired this year!

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