Posted on July 10, 2019 at 1:33 am

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Oh no! Namish Taneja’s Car Struck By Lightning

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OMG! Swaragini Actor Namish Taneja’s Car Struck By Lightning

Namish Taneja, who is currently playing the main lead in Sony TV’s ‘Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi’ met with a horrifying incident.



This year. Monsoon has wreaked havoc across Maharastra, giving Mumbai the heaviest rainfall in 10 years. On Monday (01 July, 2019) during the heavy rainfall Namish was heading back home with his family when lightning struck his car.


OMG! Swaragini Actor Namish Taneja's Car Struck By Lightning
OMG! Swaragini Actor Namish Taneja’s Car Struck By Lightning

Sharing the horrifying incident Namish said,

“We were somewhere in Four Bungalows. I was at-the-wheel and my family was with me in the car. It was raining cats and dogs. As I was about to start the car, I heard a big bumping sound. It was as if something huge had falled on the car’s roof.”

‘Swaragini’ actor further added,

“To my horror, I heard people shouting ‘bijli giri, bijli giri’. This is when we realized that lightning had hit our vehicle. I had heard, when lightning strikes a vehicle, it goes through the metal frame into the ground. We then need to fold our hands in our lap and avoid touching anything metallic within the car for some time. It takes a couple of minutes for the electrical current to pass through the vehicle and enter into the ground, and only after that, it is technically safe to exit. We did exactly the same.”

“Thankfully, by grace of God, we have been saved,”
 said the actor, who will soon be seen in a new show titled Vidya opposite Meera Deosthale.

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