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Master-D’s Summer Anthem Tumi Jaio Na featuring Mumzy Stranger

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Master-D’s Summer Anthem Tumi Jaio Na featuring Mumzy Stranger

Master-D is back with a massive summer anthem – Tumi Jaio Na featuring Mumzy Stranger. He has been on a mission to re-invent the Bangla Music scene. In the last 5 years, Master-D has worked relentlessly delivering nothing but quality hits to the scene and it has paid off. “Nothing happens overnight. A lot of numbers you see aren’t really what they seem, but I prefer to create a real organic movement” stated Master-D. This movement called the BanglaUrban genre has exploded into the mainstream, with multiple artists who want to continue to push the barriers with Bangla music as he has pioneered the way.

The single – Tumi Jai Na delivers that exact feeling. Deep bass with a touch of afro and dancehall sounds, shot in the hills of LA with super director Peezee, the visuals took the industry by storm with over 700K views in 1 week. Blessed by UK’s very own Mumzy Stranger, who fell in love the record the moment he heard it. This song became an instant hit with both their fans and a worldwide audience.

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“I’ve been pushing the boundaries since my days with The Bilz & Kashif, and we opened the North American doors for so many new artists today. I want to do the same for the Bangla scene even though people didn’t believe in me. A big thank you to Bilz Music & Qinetic Music who allowed my creativity to shine”

says Master-D.

Tumi Jaio Na is currently live on Youtube and available for stream in all channels like Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music.

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