Posted on September 27, 2018 at 1:42 pm

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Prashantt Guptha’s Legendary Tribute to Gandhi and Kishore Kumar

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Prashantt Guptha Song and Film Tribute!

Tributes are everywhere, showing love to our favorites! What about Bollywood icons and Indian role models? Well, Prashantt Guptha has that covered this October with two legendary tributes!

Gandhi Tribute

Actor Prashantt Guptha to deliver an amazing tribute in his performance within the upcoming short film! The film tribute’s Gandhi!

The short film, called TU is releasing on October 2nd. The film focuses on bringing across inspiring words!

Gandhi Ji’s powerful and famous quotes shown in the film. As someone who loved everything Mahatma Gandhi stood for, I am so excited to see the way in which Prashantt pays this tribute forward! I cannot wait to watch this short film, the trailer had me on my knees wanting more !! Be sure to check it out below:


Kishore Kumar Tribute

On October 13th 1987, the world mourned the loss of legendary indian singer and actor Kishore Kumar! This year, on his death anniversary, the world will be rejoicing in a beautiful tribute to Mr Kumar. Actor, singer and producer, icon Kishore Kumar is receiving tribute for his amazing work.

Prashantt Guptha, born and raised in America, will be tributing a song to Kishore Kumar. The legendary song, Ruk Jaana Jaana will be tributed on October 13th. The tribute brings along memories of childhood moments for our elders and is sure to bring tears to many.  Legendary Kishore Kumar, was well established as a composer, bringing us the best music in his time!

Prashantt Guptha, Kishore Kumar tribute

It is heartwarming to see artists from this century paying tribute to such an icon. We are sure that Prashantt will make the most of this tribute. Ruk Jaana Jaana will bring back many memories! We’ll be sure to remember the good times while listening to this classic in every Indian household!

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