Posted on March 29, 2018 at 8:14 am

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Media Tribe Awareness Campaign Conquers Over Selfie Deaths In India

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Media Tribe conquers with its unparalleled social media awareness campaign over Selfie Deaths in India.

Mumbai, 28 March 2018: In today’s day and age, individuals, corporations, as well as institutions, wisely use social media as a platform to run campaigns that spread awareness about prevalent and relevant contemporary issues. A young social media agency ‘Media Tribe’ has conquered the media campaign space with their latest social media campaign.

During the promotion of actor Rajpal Yadav’s latest movie ‘Shaadi Teri Bajaayenge Hum Band,’ wherein he plays the character of selfie don who is obsessed with taking selfies, Media Tribe conducted a selfie death awareness campaign. Rajpal Yadav addressed an open letter to all selfie lovers in India and spoke about being responsible for taking selfies. He wrote how an irresponsible moment while taking a picture can cost lives. The Media Tribe team pasted posters of Rajpal Yadav as the selfie don in areas known for deaths while taking selfies. The posters were used to spread awareness about selfie deaths in India.

This campaign was unique and never-seen-before. Using a popular platform for a movie, Media Tribe made the best use of social media to promote the film as well as this social issue.

When asked about the core idea and the thought behind this campaign, Founder of Media Tribe, Sunil Gupta, said,

“We wanted to break the clutter of generic ideas most of the agencies use for social media promotions of films. We wanted to break free from the same old, favourite character, who you identify with and so on. When Rajpal Yadav told us about his character we instantly thought of connecting it with the adverse side of taking selfies. That’s how the team decided to roll out on this idea.”