Posted on September 15, 2017 at 1:30 pm


Kinshuk Mahajan reveals his character in Bhootu is a great painter

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After being part of Naagin, actor Kinshuk Mahajan’s super natural journey will continue with Zee TV’s new show, Bhootu. However, the genres of both the shows are different, says Kinshuk.

“Naagin was supernatural but it was a revenge based drama, Bhootu is also supernatural, but it a light comedy. It is not serious at all. The show is a light-hearted drama and people will enjoy it. It is also a love story and has all the elements of entertainment.”

Ask him if he believes in ghosts, and he says,

“Yes, I believe in them. I feel if God exists then other powers exist as well. I have never experienced such supernatural things but I am very curious about it. I enjoy such stories. I like watching horror movies. My favourite movie is Conjuring, and Exorcism of Emily Rose.”

The show also stars Sana Amin Sheikh, and Kinshuk says that they share a great bond in the show. He says,

“I have just been briefed about my role so I don’t know much about it. But I know one thing, the equation between the Bhootu, Sana (Amin Sheikh) and my character is going to be an interesting watch.”

Kinshuk will play the role of Aarav in the show, who is a man of few words.

“My character always carries an angry look. He is so good at his work, that it scares the other people in his office. He is handling his own business with lot of passion and responsibility. He is intolerant to dishonesty, casual behaviour and distractions.”

Ask him a peculiar habit that Aarav has, and Kinshuk says,

“There is this one thing which always irritates Shuchi. He is very fond of colours and is able to tell if something doesn’t match. Shuchi often feels offended. However, the reason behind Aarav’s behaviour is that he is great painter. As the show proceeds, you will get to know a lot of interesting things about my character.”

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