Posted on July 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm

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EXCLUSIVE: Sridevi is like Mount Everest, says the Mom’s on-screen husband Adnan Siddiqui

We all are huge fans of Sridevi. She has given us some great movies, and even today, she is so glamourous that it actually looks like she is ageing in reverse.

Like us, even her co-actor from ‘Mom’, Adnan Siddiqui, who plays a dad in the movie, is a fan.

While speaking to us exclusively, this actor said,

“I am a fan of Sridevi since ever. When I saw her, I thought that she is in her teens. The way she has maintained herself, is incredible. During the first day of my shoot, which was at the dining table, I was pinching myself thinking that I’m going to rub shoulders with Sridevi. It was a great experience. She is a lady with very few words, but on screen, she’s marvelous, victualing Mount Everest.”

The actor is also really glad to have bagged the role of a husband to Sridevi. He said,

“I had worked in a Hollywood film and was part of Pakistani shows. That’s how I was being approached for various Bollywood films. But I picked ‘Mom’ because this had a pivotal role. After all, who will be as important as Mom? Dad, right?”

Recollecting his favourite Sridevi movie, Adnan reminisced about ‘Sadma’. He said,

“I really loved Sridevi in her days with Jeetendra sahib. Then I saw ‘Mr. India’. How she gelled in her characters is what I loved. ‘Hawa Hawaii’ became a memory. And then, even today when I see this movie I fail to understand how can one act so beautifully. That was ‘Sadma’. I was totally mesmerized. Hats off to her.”

We are just as much a fan of both Sridevi and Adnan. I’m sure you’ll agree.