Posted on November 12, 2020 at 10:12 pm

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Take a ‘Trip To Jamaica’ with Apache Indian & Hunterz!

It might not be summer, but hey who cares.  We don’t have a rule saying that we can’t listen to songs during a proper season? Well here is a song you will love jamming to! Check out Hunterz and Apache Indian who have finally collaborated after a very long time. The song is a fun tune that you might love to turn the volume upon. It’s got that great vibey feel that makes you want to dance on an island.

Which Island? Jamaica of course!

Hunterz who also produced ‘Trip To Jamaica’ says: “This song has classic written all over it! I’ve always wanted to work with this legend, it really is an honor for me! Apache went to another level on his vocals with this song, his flow and delivery is pure fire! I can’t wait for the world to feel these vibes! This is definitely one of my favorite collabs & also productions!”

Apache’s signature style is all over the album but the fusion flavors are truly global. The reggae is there for sure but there are generous helpings of bhangrapophip-hopska, and even a reggaeton collaboration with a Spanish artist just for good measure!

Take a 'Trip To Jamaica' with Apache Indian & Hunterz!

Other artists featured include Roach KillaBlitzkrieg and Kat Eyez from Toronto; Dinero AshShilpa Sturrock, and Chezin straight outta India and Binder Bajwa who previously teamed with Apache on the hit ‘Tere Toor‘.

The list of contributors and tracks is long and more details will be revealed with the release of the next couple of songs from the album, be patient…it’ll be worth the wait!

Take a 'Trip To Jamaica' with Apache Indian & Hunterz!

Apache is passionate about the first single. He says: “I have always admired and wanted to work with Hunterz. When he sent me this song, I was absolutely blown away with the production, the vocal melodies and the infectious reggae vibe!

It inspired me to write my verses straight away, and the rest is history! This will go down as one of my favorite collaborations of my career! There’s just something magical about this song that I cannot put into words. I’m sure it will be enjoyed across genres, generations, and time.

Blessing to the legend himself, Hunterz, who has a special relationship with music and has so much more up his sleeve for the new year. Look out for more songs with us together. Blessings brother!”

What’s Not To Love‘ delivers the Apache Indian we all know but takes him to a new level. This album already has a place reserved in the musical hall of fame!

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