Posted on July 31, 2020 at 9:16 pm

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Exclusive: Luv Singh and ROYAL Release New Single – Khaab


Music Exclusive: Luv Singh and Royal Release New Single - Khaab

Music: Luv Singh and ROYAL release new single called Khaab. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to surely find solitude in music more than anything. Especially behind closed doors! Belgium based Punjabi Artist Luv Singh and Neo Desi Artist ROYAL teamed up to make our playlists even better with an iconic single called ‘Khaab’.

ROYAL shared his excitement regarding this project and stated that the song ‘Khaab’ came about very organically and that they actually had the whole project done in 24 hours! How insane is that?

Pure talent right there!
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Luv Punjabi and ROYAL definitely poured a deeper level of authenticity in this track. The lyrics and melody is certainly catchy in the most heart-warming manner. ROYAL being in both the medical profession and music career has certainly showed his passion and how he balances it all out.

ROYAL mentioned that through medicine he learns how to heal the body and through music, he is healing the soul. This is so evident in his work and the emotion poured into this song!

The song brings out the hopeless romantic in us all. Don’t we all wish we could just listen to them sing the entire day right? A girl can only dream!

Above all, being stuck indoors may leave one distressed and melancholic but having a playlist with this track can definitely replay some fond memories. What a better way to spend our weekend than with this song leaving us reminiscing on better days!

‘Khaab’ is out now on all platforms!

Be sure to stream this song and surely share it with all of your friends! We are definitely adding it to our playlist. It’s time for that feel good music to heal the soul! Stream it on Spotify HERE.

Music Exclusive: Luv Singh and Royal Release New Single - Khaab

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