Posted on June 29, 2020 at 12:05 am

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Maz Bonafide Released DESI BIRTHDAY ANTHEM Birthday Song

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Maz Bonafide Released DESI BIRTHDAY ANTHEM Birthday Song

Maz Bonafide Released DESI BIRTHDAY ANTHEM Birthday Song

LONDON: The Desi Birthday Anthem is an upbeat celebratory song for everyone celebrating a birthday!

After the recent phenomenal success of “Wifey Type” and “Storiyan Snap Diya” as well as “Eid Kara de,” Maz Bonafide is back with a catchy upbeat, sing-along birthday anthem you won’t forget.

Shot in Lahore Pakistan, with an enhanced colorful setting, Desi Birthday Anthem is a catchy, Punjabi anthem, which will have you dancing in no time.

Maz is one of Britain’s reputable British Asian Artists, followed by a huge fan base globally. The song has already been well received by Maz’s fans who have hooked onto the tune already, making Tik Tok videos to the trailer and we have no doubt you will be hearing this song at your next birthday party.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

“I am a fan of Maz’s music and we had so much fun shooting the video in Lahore. It was my first music video and I flew in especially from Karachi to shoot it,”

said, Romaisa Khan.

‘Tik Tok sensation Romaisa Khan collaborated with me on my video and we had a blast on set’ – said Maz.

‘We set a completely different vibe out there for this shoot, I wanted it to look different, colorful, and fun! I really enjoyed shooting with Romaisa who flew in from Karachi to get involved. I wanted to write & compose a track that is easy to sing along to, catchy, and a song that livens up parties. I think I have the right balance with Desi Birthday Anthem and I’m looking forward to performing my new track, once the gig scene starts again’’

Maz added.

Both written & composed by Maz, the song has a great hook. The music has been produced by Kam Frantic. Desi Birthday anthem continues Maz’s phenomenal success, emphasizing his versatility in adapting to different types of music.

It’s not a Birthday without The Desi Birthday Anthem!

Releasing worldwide 25th June 2020 – OUT NOW!

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