Posted on November 13, 2011 at 1:36 am

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Prita Chhabra is MAXIM India's 'Hottie of the Month'

The fall season seems to be favoring Canadian recording artist, Prita Chhabra, whose fame has quickly spread beyond Canada.  During October and November, the artist has graced the cover of some big name magazines. Read on below for details.

Photo Credit: Kenji Le / GLOW Academy

Prita Chhabra has been chosen as ‘Hottie of the Month’ by one of India’s most widely read periodicals, MAXIM India, which is one of the leading men’s magazines in India.  Considering the magazine’s readership, it’s pretty impressive for Prita to have been selected as “Hottie of the Month” as it , since it shows Prita’s popularity has extended far beyond Canadian borders.  Prita appears in a full page spread in MAXIM India’s November issue, available at newsstands in all of India’s major cities.

Photo Credit: Projected Life Photography

However, this isn’t the only magazine cover that Prita has graced!  In fact, also this month, Prita appears as the cover story of Spain’s TEGI Magazine, available in all of Spain’s major cities.  Es muy bueno (it’s very good) – wouldn’t you agree?

Photo Credit: Projected Life Photography

In October, Prita was featured as ‘Sharp Woman of the Month’ by Canada’s Sharp Magazine.  She also appeared, in October, on the cover of Florida’s PARDES Magazine, for which Prita personally appeared and performed at a launch of the issue for Florida’s IndoPakFest, with over 15,000 fans receiving a copy of Prita’s PARDES cover story at Ft. Lauderdale beach!

Prita also recently performed her single “Roots” live on Canada’s MusiquePlus station.  Be sure to check out the Official “Roots” video below as well as the pictures from her fantastic magazine covers!



  • MAXIM – Kenji Le / GLOW Academy
  • TEGI – Projected Life Photography
  • Pardes – Projected Life Photography
  • Featured picture – GLOW Academy
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