Posted on April 23, 2011 at 5:42 pm

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Sullee J stresses "Equality and Acceptance"

Rapper Sullee J has always promoted non-violence – through his music and through his ideology.  As a response to senseless violence in the world and discord, Sullee J has written his thoughts (see below) regarding the equality of humanity in general as well as well as the fight within Islam (between it’s sects).  Sullee J has decided to take a stand and make a plea to his fellow Muslims to unite with one another.  Read his ‘letter’ below.

“Acceptance & Equality” by Sullee J

Are we segregated in our own religion? Are we divided over who should have taken over the spread of Islam after the last Prophet? Do we lack the common sense to realize that the purpose of Islam and a true believer is to worship the one true God? Nonetheless, we have allowed ourselves to fight for thousands of years over the succession of our leaders. We seem to forget that no one owns the throne. We continue to fight over internal theology, land, money, and property. In these times, our religion demands unity and clarity of vision and yet, there still exists much inequality and confusion. Two of the biggest sects in Islam that have been in conflict are Sunni & Shi’ite. Let me ask you three questions: Do you pray to Allah? Do you read the Quran? Do you answer to the Adhaan? If both sides agree on these questions then no further justification is necessary. To be a Muslim means to be unified and not divided.

Do not worship prophets, imams, and other greats who were sent to portray the ideal example of a true Muslim. The prophets were sent to prove the existence of God (Al-Lah) and chosen to exemplify the highest qualities a human being can possess. They even forbade their own followers from worshipping or idolizing them for they were only men. They reminded us not to focus on their miracles. Miracles would not exist without the power of the Creator. We pray to the one and only, most merciful, most greatest: God. The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) who was sent to this world as the final Prophet of God, willed that his remaining materials and clothing be burned after his death. He did so to prevent the ignorance of humanity from idolizing or worshipping those meaningless and temporal material things. We are only meant to prostrate to God. No one else is worthy of worship since we all are human and we all are equal.

Islam is unity! Islam is peace. Islam is a religion which teaches us to pray for our enemies and those who wrong us for they are in need of the fear and knowledge of God. Islam teaches us to be pious, generous, humble, loving, and to never disrespect other religions, regardless of our differences. Islam teaches us humility, self-control, and understanding the strength of patience. In Islam, just like other religions, there are good and there are bad. I say this in caps, IT IS THE INDIVIDUAL who chooses to do wrong, or chooses to do right. We are creatures of free will that is given by God according to His wisdom and plan. The mass media quickly and unjustly categorizes all of Islam as hateful due to the actions of a small minority. The media colors the word “Muslim” in such a negative light that it evokes fear and hatred in the masses. There are so many Muslims out there who live in fear of hate crimes and harsh discrimination against themselves and their families. It is truly tragic that these innocent Muslims live as prisoners in their own neighborhoods as if something was wrong with them.

In addition, there are Muslims who are afraid to BE Muslim in public. They feel compelled to act in a certain manner and dress a certain way just to fit into their environment. In the post-Jim Crow era, African Americans had to make their best efforts to integrate into a desegregated environment but were still viewed as inferior. The situation of some Muslims living in the West is very similar in the post 9/11 era. I sincerely feel pity for the people who are quick to believe everything they hear and see. There are so many different issues that confront us during life in this world that it can easily fill numerous books and hours of conversation. I want to make two things very clear before I end this statement. The first: Islam is one! We do not need to divide and conquer within our own religion when the end result is the same and the faith we attain along the way is the same. The second point: My brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to be you! You do not and should not have to conform or wear a “uniform” to fit in.

I write this to all Muslims that were raised being told that they fall within a certain sect. I urge them to wake up and put these differences aside. I also write this for people who are unaware of the real definition of Islam. Last but not least, I write this for the general public to realize the qualities we should learn to cultivate within ourselves to become more pure human beings. Qualities such as humility, generosity, kindness, gratitude, and patience. At the same time, we must to learn to turn away from the evils of jealousy, pride, egotism, envy, and hatred.

“Believe” by Sullee J (This is a poem which sums the condition of our world right now)

This generation reeks, for, we encompass

only a handful of strong, but a mass of weak,

wide awake at sunrise, but still our conscious sleeps

theories of separation, and so it seems, we solidify

only in the notion of greed,

quit being a victim of organized slavery,

the public broadcast is just another word for mind control

a wide patrol, teaching you to hate me,

through biased pledges, but only will, time unfold

that all of this hate just recreates itself,

look at what you made we?

Don’t trust the judge, Don’t trust the jury,

Don’t adjust to lust, or hold a grudge in fury

My people, are you grateful? are you faithful?

utmost to God, then yourself? and if so,

why to your fellow man, still you stay dull?

folks don’t know what to believe, because publicly,

God is injust, and to hold within, just cancer

but surely, those who trust to see, the just of He,

who will stand up in this world, just to scream

these are acts of the devil, and so must you see

only God is the answer, and in US is He

we must BELIEVE

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