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Why Should We All Drink Clean Water?

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Water is life- there is definitely more than one reason behind this statement. Almost all of us have a childhood memory of our parents running behind us with a glass of water. And most of the time, especially in the summers, they used to complain, “You’re not drinking enough water!” 

While most of us now know why we should drink water, the most relevant question is why we should all drink clean water? In a report, the WHO stated that contaminated drinking water causes around 485,000 diarrhoeal deaths every year. Apart from diarrhea, contaminated water also causes diseases like cholera, polio, typhoid, etc. 

So, below we have mentioned the top seven reasons why should we all drink clean water. 

So Why Should We All Drink Clean Water?

Nourishes Our Body

Our body needs proper nourishment to work properly. You can’t just expect a car to run without fuel, right? Well, you may consider food as your fuel, which is valid to some extent, but you can’t really stay without water. This is why we call it our ‘life.’ So, how does water nourish our body? 

Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water? That is quite a majority, isn’t it? It actually keeps our body dehydrated and protects various organs while keeping them in good health. Water also lets oxygen-rich blood flow freely in our body and supplies necessary nutrients to the cells. 

Boosts Your Energy Level

Feeling exhausted or lethargic can be a common problem for all. However, we often avoid it thinking that it is nothing serious. Well, doing that can welcome a lot of problems. So, what may cause the lazy feeling, and how can you actually get over it?

The lethargic feeling can have a lot of reasons. However, one of the most typical causes is fluid disbalance in our body. Water not only just quenches our thirst but provides energy to the muscles. The low fluid level in our body can cause muscle fatigue. It can also induce muscle mass loss. 

Drinking enough water can quench the need and support your body with proper nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. It boosts our energy level by replacing the water that we lose through sweating. It is why you should keep drinking water if you are working out.

Good for Kidney Function

Kidneys are among the essential parts of our bodies that control our urinary function and keep our bodies clean. Drinking contaminated water can easily damage our kidney function and cause various other urinary problems. One of the most typical kidney problems is kidney stones. So, how do these stones form? 

These are actually the concentration of minerals that form stones in our kidneys. Drinking clean water increases your urine flow, which dilutes these minerals and takes them out of your body. Thus, they prevent crystallization of these minerals and form clumps. Drinking enough clean water also prevents the formation of stones in other parts of our body. 

Maintains Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most critical health problems of the modern day. It raises the risk of heart diseases and strokes along with many other conditions. In a study by in 2018, they found that the United States saw nearly half a million deaths with hypertension as a primary or contributing cause. 

So, it is vital to keep hypertension under control. Lack of water or fluid in your body thickens the blood. Thus, it increases your blood pressure. Clean water has properties that can ease the problem and lower the blood-pressure. Doctors recommend drinking at least 3-4 liters of water every day to keep hypertension under control. 

Nourishes Your Skin

We cannot stop aging. It is inevitable. However, we can at least slow it down. You may find beauty salons and other treatments compelling, but finding a way from the core can be more proactive. What if we say water can help you a lot in this scenario? Well, yes, it is true. 

Drinking enough clean water every day has many skin-related benefits. It improves your skin tone by flushing toxins out of your body. It also keeps your skin hydrated and increases the elasticity of it. Thus, you won’t have to deal with premature aging. 

Drinking clean water can also prevent acne problems. It balances the level of water and oil on your face and controls excess sebum and oil discharge. Thus, it reduces pores and acne, making it look even healthier. 

Helps to Lose Weight 

You might have seen people suggesting to drink more water during weight loss programs. Have you ever wondered why? Does water magically burn your calories and help you lose weight? Umm, no! We don’t think that’s true. So, what’s the secret here? How does water promote weight loss? 

Water does not have any magical properties that can reduce your weight overnight. But it works more strategically than that. Drinking water instead of some high-calorie beverages can lower your calorie intake. Plus, water also creates a sense of fullness. Drinking clean water before lunch or dinner, thus, can prevent you from overeating. 

Keeps Your Digestive System Happy

Drinking clean water can improve your digestion ability. Water and other liquids break down food in your stomach. Thus, it helps your body absorb minerals and nutrients more efficiently. It also softens your stool. Therefore, drinking clean water can also be beneficial for people suffering from constipation. 


The famous American poet W.H Auden said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Drinking clean water is not a privilege. It should be our right and responsibility. The sooner the leaders understand this, the better the world would become. 

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