Posted on January 3, 2020 at 5:36 pm

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5 Simple Ways to Look More Stylish

Looking stylish isn’t necessarily about wearing expensive, trendy clothes or becoming an expert in fashion and style. There are plenty of simple ways to look more fashionable — i.e. throwing on a pair of sunglasses can instantly make any outfit look chic. With this in mind, here are five simple ways to look more stylish:


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

1. Invest in a Quality Leather Jacket 

A leather jacket is a timeless clothing item that can be paired with anything from a casual top and jeans to a formal dress. You can opt for classic black, or experiment with a variety of different colors, patterns, and embellishments. A leather jacket can instantly give your outfit an edgy look and make you feel more confident. If the thought of wearing animal skin puts you off, then there is a huge variety of cruelty-free leather jackets on the market that are made from vegan materials. These look and feel just like real leather and will give you years of wear.

2. Buy Some Stylish Accessories

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to appear more fashionable is by using accessories to enhance your outfits. A few clever accessories can instantly transform an outfit, meaning you don’t need to spend loads of money buying new clothing items. Some must-have accessories for women include a handbag, a belt, a hat, jewelry, and a quality pair of sunglasses like Fossil glasses. Invest in quality accessories that will stand the test of time and try to choose items that are versatile and will go with any outfit. If you wear power eyeglass and wonder how to appear fashionable, try some stylish prescription sunglasses. They come with the double benefit of sunglass and eyeglass and is collective protection for your eye

3. Search for New Brands 

One of the main reasons that people become stuck in a fashion rut is because they are reluctant to try new shops or brands. Instead of always going into the same clothing stores, make an effort to discover new brands by going outside of your comfort zone. Visiting thrift shops and boutique stores is a fantastic way to find stylish, standout pieces that no one else has. You may also be able to get a great deal on quality pieces. Plus, buying pre-loved clothing means that you’ll be causing no further damage to the environment.

4. Swap Clothes with Friends

Swapping clothes with your friends is a great way to try out new styles without having to spend money buying new clothes. If you have a friend that is the same size as you, then ask them if they want to swap some clothing items. This will help keep your closet and style fresh without spending loads of money or harming the environment. You could even host a clothes swap party with your friends and ask everyone to bring along any items they no longer wear or like. You can find plenty of tips on how to throw a fabulous clothes swap party with your friends.

5. Know Your Closet 

It is common for people to accumulate hundreds of clothing items over the years. Having too many clothes will make it challenging to put together a stylish outfit, as you will struggle to remember what you have in your closet. A major step in becoming more fashionable is to know your closet inside out. Make sure you declutter your closet regularly and donate or sell any items you no longer wear or like.


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