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5 Fashion Tips for People with Larger-Sized Heads

An excellent method to express yourself and display your originality is via fashion. But it might become a challenge to rock particular trends and styles if you believe they don’t suit your body type or head shape. 

People come in all different sizes and forms, so not everyone looks well in every outfit or accessory. It is natural if you possess a large head and have avoided certain styles or accessories. However, it is no longer required. Since no two individuals are alike, designers understand that there must be numerous possibilities for consumers. 

This article has suggestions and tactics to apply to even out your fashion appearances and lessen the perception of a large head, whether you want to expand your collection of hats and sunglasses or locate styles that compliment your measurements.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio:
Photo by Kelvin Valerio:


Wear Vibrant Outfits 

As everyone knows, black, gray, and other dark colors visually straighten people. Sporting a black top, however, can make your head appear even bigger because black makes your upper body appear smaller. You can detect the difference anytime you wear a dark-colored V-neck shirt and a vibrant V-neck shirt.

Other light and warm hues, such as beige, pale pink, orange, violet, and light yellow, can offer an enlarging effect on your body figure to balance out your head’s proportion if white is too bold to choose.

Do not worry that wearing light-colored attire would make you appear overweight, especially if you are slim. The goal is to have a balanced proportion of your head and body figure.

Light color can improve, flatter, and invigorate any attire with the correct styling, such as wearing a V-neck or selecting a structured thick textile.

Wear the Right Hat

Photo by Moose Photos:
Photo by Moose Photos:

Employing headwear to complete an ensemble is a tradition that has been timeless for ages, even though clothing trends change frequently. Finding solutions and designs that work effectively for persons with head forms that are large sizes can be challenging. 

Hats can be a huge statement piece. Fortunately, fashion has advanced significantly, and designers now understand that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works for most people.

Hats can make otherwise plain and neutral clothing shine while offering comfort and protection from the weather. There are now options if you’ve had trouble finding hats that suit your head. Shops selling huge hats have many fashionable and distinctive selections that follow the newest fashion trends. In addition, most stores today sell headgear in larger sizes. 

Any style specialist will disagree that people should avoid large hat styles since they might draw attention to a big head. Big hats make an impression and accommodate your natural size rather than attempting to hide. A hat with a brim provides flair and balance if you have a large head.

Carry Long Hairs

Here is some advice on choosing a hairstyle that may be important to you. Although it may seem paradoxical, hairstyles must be big according to your head’s largeness.

Avoid over-trimming your hair ends as it can draw focus to your head. As long hair enhances the head size, it always appears better than shorter hair. You can always even things out, especially as a lady, by tucking one side of your hair behind your ears.

You can beautifully cover your head with small waves of hair. Furthermore, avoid having neck-length haircuts because they will make your head appear big and round lollipops.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses can divert people’s focus away from your big head. However, it’s crucial to know the dimensions and form of your face before buying sunglasses. 

You may tighten and resize the sunglasses if they are too large for you. The alternative possibility, though, is not conceivable. Because of this, you should ensure that the sunglasses you choose are the ideal size for a cozy and attractive fit. 

Finding sunglasses that are the perfect size and fit for someone with a large face may be challenging. If the arms of the frame are excessively tight, pressure may be placed on your temple, resulting in headaches and pain.

Although there are numerous options for sunglasses, not all of them might be obtainable in a large size. You must pay special attention to the frame measurement when looking for sunglasses. It’s now simpler to get various stylish sunglasses that are perfect for big heads because giant and big-framed glasses are hot right now. 

An ideal fit is crucial when purchasing new sunglasses, but it is just one aspect to consider. Additionally, you want a pair of sunglasses that are stylish and match your personal preferences. 

Often, you can adore a pair, but until you try them on, you have no idea how they appear or fit. When purchasing sunglasses in a store, try on as many pairs as you like.

Wear Open-Neck Shirts

When you’re out and about, it’s essential to feel your best, and what you wear may significantly affect how you feel psychologically and physically. As you leave your home, your confidence and sense of comfort will benefit from choosing looks that highlight your most noticeable features. 

Unknowingly, the type of shirts you wear can give the impression that your head is bigger than it is. A turtleneck top attracts attention to the head immediately and may cause even a small head to appear larger than it is.

Wear V-neck or boatneck shirts or other shirts with an open collar. Even shirts with sleeve puffiness or shoulder padding can make the head look smaller because the eye is directed to the shoulders, and the broader appearance evens out the size of the head to the neck region. Vests and other garments aid with proportion by making the head look smaller than it is.

Large Head Can Even Make You Fashion Better

Photo by Brett Sayles:
Photo by Brett Sayles:

Having a large head should never be an excuse to give up on trending fashion sense, lose your confidence, or believe you can never appear stunning on any occasion. Big hats are the first accessories to consider to reduce the awkward attention your head gets each time you walk past a group of people.

Wearing bright colors is another beautiful way to improve your fashion. Sunglasses, open-neck shirts, and long hairs are also ideal solutions. However, nothing is more crucial than wearing outfits that suit your taste and personality without leaving out confidence.

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