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How to Choose the Best Betting Sites

According to history, gambling dates back to 3000-4000 BC. Also, there is evidence that gambling occurred in Ancient China as people bet on ancient Chinese games. However, gambling was primarily done in hiding, not as freely as it has become today. In the latter part of the 18th century, organized-sanctioned sports betting took place. Since then, the industry has grown daily to what we have today.

Thanks to technology, people can now bet from anywhere today. You may stay in your room all day, cashing out at non Gamstop betting However, the first step in a bettor’s journey is choosing a betting platform to bet with. That is why Urban Asian spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert from BetZillion, to show us how to choose the best bookmakers to wager.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Bookmakers

There are various factors to consider before choosing a bookmaker to register with. This section of the guide will show you different aspects.

  1. Ease of Registration

Before settling for the betting platform, consider whether or not the registration process is easy. The first factor to consider is the ease of registration. While some bookmakers only require your basic details to open an account with them, others ask for the unimaginable. 

Usually, all you need to open an account are:

  • your first name, 
  • surname, 
  • email address,
  • residential address, 
  • password, 
  • and mobile number. 

However, bookmakers may request you send a government-issued ID to verify your identity. Once the requirements are more than this, you may want to consider another bookmaker.

  1. Promotional Offers

Modern betting platforms use different methods to attract new website users. One of these methods is providing various promotional offers. 

First, new customers should get a welcome bonus to help them get used to the betting platform. It also shows that the bookie appreciates you for joining the site. The welcome bonus can be in different forms, including a first deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, free bets, cashback, no risk bonus, matched deposit offer, and others.

Apart from that, the betting platform should provide various promotional offers and incentives from time to time to existing users. It will ensure they stay appreciated and help them get the best out of their bets. 

As a result, the best betting websites are those with various promotional offers but watch out for the wagering requirements to be sure they are reasonable.

  1. Competitive Odds

Betting is impossible without odds, so it is crucial to watch out for when choosing a betting platform. Creating an account with a bookmaker that offers the best odds to get the best return on your bets is vital.

Bookmakers offer different odds for the same events; some are slightly higher than those provided by others. It means that the return on your bets will be somewhat different. 

It may seem insignificant, but when you wager accumulator bets of 3 to 5 games.

  1. Wide Sports and Casino Betting Markets

Before creating an account with a bookmaker, checking the array of sports available in the sports section is best. While some betting platforms offer only about ten sports, others provide more than 50 sports you can wager on. 

Ideally, you should create an account with those offering a wide range of events to give you betting options. Some betting platforms even offer TV specials betting, while others allow wagering on Nobel Prizes, Weather, and Politics. If you are also into eSports, consider whether the bookmaker has a section for that. 

Furthermore, most bookmakers have sports and casino sections, but some don’t. If you prefer to wager on casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots, sign up with a bookmaker that provides these games.

  1. Mobile App

Nothing is better than being able to bet from anywhere, whether in your room or away from home. Access to your betting platform’s mobile app allows you this opportunity. You can wager from anywhere if you are connected to the internet. 

So ensure the bookmaker of your choice has a mobile application suitable for your device before signing up. 

Usually, betting platforms provide mobile apps for iOS and Android users, while some extend them to window users.

The essence of using a mobile app is getting a better betting experience. With the app, you can get notified of new promotions thanks to the push notification settings. You can also follow up on the progress of your game so you can cash out when needed.

  1. Payment Methods

Since you cannot wager without money, you must wager with a betting platform with a convenient means to deposit and withdraw funds from the bookmaker. Watch out for the payment methods available on the platform and ensure you won’t be challenged using them.

The best bookmakers allow you to deposit funds using debit and credit cards, payment systems, mobile payments, and sometimes cryptocurrency. Some also allow for bank transfers, especially for withdrawals.

Knowing you have a sure way to deposit and withdraw your winnings offers the best betting experience.

  1. Live Betting and Live Streaming

Although this may not seem important, it is essential. The best betting platforms allow bettors to play live betting. Here, you can wager on ongoing games and still get a good return for your money. 

The live betting feature also helps you place bets in case you forget to wager on your favourite team before a game. However, note that the odds change during live games to reflect the actions during the game. For instance, the odds will change when a goal is scored or when a star player is injured, or in the case of a red card.

Furthermore, check whether a betting platform has a live-streaming feature before registering. This feature allows you to watch your favourite team live on the bookmaker. It also helps you make the best betting decisions because you will see the actions live.


It would help if you considered several factors before registering with a bookmaker, and we’ve pointed them out in this guide. Although we couldn’t cover all, the crucial ones include ease of registration, promotional offers, competitive odds, mobile app, live betting and streaming, sports betting markets, and payment methods. If you are yet to read this guide, you should do to have the best understanding of the tips.


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