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Instagram Marketing Strategy: Tips For Instant Success

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With the development of technologies, our life has speeded up. And the exchange and receiving of information did as well. Nowadays we want quicker success in our affairs too because the competition is growing exponentially. Beginners on Instagram are struggling for each hour that would lessen the route to the top. And here are gathered top tips that would bring you more Instagram comments, likes, and views and help you achieve your goals faster. 

Photo by <a href="">Luke van Zyl</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash

Create Business Account

Turning on this option on Instagram is very useful for your growth, even if you don’t intend to open an Insta-shop. The business profile opens powerful features:

  • Insights – quick access to the detailed statistic of your growth
  • Instagram Ads
  • Shopping
  • Two message boxes – primary and secondary 
  • Call-to-action button and contact info for bio.

Of course, the creator profile has some benefits too, but it is better to get a business profile for a start. Insights, for instance, allow you to monitor your activity and the results of your campaigns, which is highly important for you while you don’t have an established blog. 

Be Clear In Your Plans

Another thing that matters a lot even before you begin is if your goals are defined. A well-written plan and a defined goal you see ahead is what helps you to build your strategy properly. Without planning, it is impossible to become famous on Instagram, or any other platform, for that matter. So, you must make up your mind – what is your profile for? What is it about, and what in particular users must consider interesting enough to subscribe to your account & leave comments under your posts? 

If you know for sure the answer to these questions, you are good to go and start creating the content for your profile. 

Know Your Crowd

To hit the right eyes, you have to know how to attract them. Examining your audience before you begin an active campaign is a must. This way, you can make direct moves that will give a certain result. Do the preliminary research to see how uses behave and interact with similar content. After this, you can make prospects about your planned campaigns and choose the most relevant.

Don’t neglect the general demographics of the platform, and look through the research of previous years, to predict the scale of your audience. 

Optimize Your Account

Photo by <a href="">Glenn Carstens-Peters</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Optimization is required for proper promotion because if your profile isn’t optimized, you miss much assistance from Instagram algorithms. You have to be easily discoverable for interested people, so you have to put effort into appearing in the search results. 

The narrow field for your bio is incredibly important in this pursuit of promotion. As your bio is what users see first when they enter your profile, it must contain something significant that will explain what your blog is about and why the user should follow you. A pretty challenging task for 15 characters. Yet, it is still possible if you find the right words.

Don’t forget about your name and nickname – these are also helpful handles to operate to become more discoverable on Instagram.


This is a specific point of Instagram profile optimization, and it deserves a separate paragraph. Hashtags are the instruments that help the Instagram system categorize the content. Users also find hashtags very helpful for their content search, especially since you can subscribe to a particular hashtag and see top related posts in your feed. 

So, you must pay attention to the list of your hashtags and choose the most effective for your content. Try to maintain the balance between specific and more generalized terms to attract a wider audience. A good idea is to create hashtags that would be unique for your account. Leave them in the descriptions of your posts and invite your followers to the discussion in the comments section.

Impeccable Visuals

Now, when the first preparations are done, you must focus on your visual key. Instagram is a social media that strongly depends on the quality of visual content. It was created for sharing pictures in the first place. Compelling photos and videos are what increase your position among viewers because they enjoy good pictures a lot. Besides, well-done imagery is a sign of professionalism and a serious attitude to the blog, making your relationship with followers stronger. Also, users will leave comments about how they like your photos which will increase the engagement organically.

You can take special classes that help beginners wield mobile photography and use it like a pro for better performance. Don’t forget to get a glance at editing and retouch, so your works look sufficiently and aesthetically pleasant. 

Vary Your Content-Range

Even the most beautiful photos are boring if there’s nothing more to check out. To attract more people and liven up your blog, you must mix different types of content. This rule works for brands and nonprofits equally. The only exception are artists who demonstrate their art with Instagram because they position their account as a gallery, and there are no behind-the-scenes in galleries, right? Here are the general types of posts you can create:

  • Backstage. Reveal the process of your work to bond with users and show that you are not a robot 
  • Routine. Demonstrate your beauty or lifestyle habits; that is a good theme for a conversation and exchange of opinions!
  • User-generated content – anything your followers created with you as an inspiration is worth showing. This is a sign of gratitude and good manners.

These are versatile ideas that will suit any blog that exists on Instagram. They can be presented both as a photo carousel or video. There would be much more things to reveal for a specific niche, for sure – like workshops or instructions.

Stories Are Your Power

Ever since Instagram implemented Stories to the interface of the app, they have been a total blast. This format is highly engaging and productive for growth. In fact, many bloggers now demonstrate more content in stories rather than in regular feed posts. For you as a beginner, there is no need to overload your viewers with many stories, but you still have to wield this weapon to impress more people and add more variety to your content range. Stories offer many attractive features that can intrigue your followers and grow your blog faster:

  • Tests. A fun game about the topic your blog can lighten up the mood and present your viewers a friendly, positive vibe
  • Polls. An instrument for social listening that can help you define your next step for strategy development 
  • Custom filters and masks. This thing works great for increasing your visibility on the platform because it spreads incredibly quickly. Keep in mind that Instagram forbids “beautifying” masks that change facial features according to caricaturistic beauty standards.
  • Questions. A communication tool for your arsenal that enhances your recognition and strengthens your bond with followers. 


The tips above are helping to grow blogs quickly. But you must understand that there is no recipe for instant success that will make you wake up famous one day. Gaining genuine popularity on Instagram is a harsh daily work that requires tons of time and devotion. To reach your goals, you must have patience and constantly analyze your progress. But when your blog is established, you can relax a bit and maintain the existing routine easily. Remember that social media trends are very swift, but high-quality content never gets old or out of fashion. 

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