Posted on May 21, 2021 at 4:41 pm


Pro Tips for Making Long Journeys More Fun (2021) 

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Travel is a big part of modern society. Be it for work or leisurely reasons, people are always going on long journeys (although COVID-19 has temporality put a stop to a lot of them).  

For example, tomorrow you could be flying halfway across the world for a business meeting, or traveling to another city by train to meet a friend. Whatever the situation may be, there is universal agreement that long journeys are boring. Even if you have an amazing view out of the plane window, you need something to keep you entertained. After all, it’s part of being human today – the new generations are entertainment and content addicts. Most people can’t even go in the shower without their phones – let alone go on a long journey with nothing to make it more fun. 

With that said, here are some pro tips to make your next long journey more fun. 

Play an online casino using your phone

Everyone knows what a casino is. They’re big, glamorous places where people go to have a good time and potentially win big. However, did you know that online casinos are also popular? All the games are the same in online casinos, like blackjack and poker, the only difference is that you’re playing through your phone – which gives you more choice and flexibility. 

If you travel with a laptop or tablet (maybe you’re a businessman or blogger), you can use those to play online casinos, too. In fact, the bigger screens help to make the gaming experience more immersive. 

Check out to get started. Your long journeys will never be boring again! 

Create some playlists for your different moods

Thanks to modern streaming, making playlists has never been easier. This is a gift as playlists are the ultimate savior of boredom when it comes to long journeys. 

There is a handful of excellent music streaming services to choose from, including: 

  • Apple music (which is best for iPhone users)
  • Tidal (for those who like high-quality sound) 
  • YouTube music (if you’re a YouTube fanatic, choose this one) 
  • Spotify (over 50 million songs) 
  • Amazon Music (for all the die-hard Amazon fans out there) 

All these services allow you to create playlists (and also have thousands of pre-made playlists to choose from). 

You should create a playlist for every mood, such as for when you’re sleepy and those times when you need a dopamine boost. 

Once you become a playlist expert, your long journeys will no longer be an inconvenience – they’ll be a fun music streaming opportunity. 

Edit your selfies and other photos 

Many of us don’t have time to edit our selfies and photos to the standard they deserve. However, long journeys are the perfect opportunity to do this. You’ve got time to add all the filters you need and make any little changes required, like choosing the perfect aspect ratio. 

Check out your app store to see the highest rated photo editing apps and try them out to see which app works best for you. VSCO and Instasize are two excellent choices!

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