Posted on April 28, 2020 at 8:17 pm

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Salsa – A Dance Form That Helps Overall Health

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Want to stay in shape but don’t want the hit the gym? Thinking of a fun way to stay fit and healthy? Well, here something to help you – make your way to fitness with a daily dose of Salsa. Hey, not the one to dip but the dance!

salsa dance form

Yes, that’s right! This dance form has several health benefits and also helps you shed those extra pounds. Try out some groove Salsa moves for weight loss and overall fitness. Check out how it helps you stay fit right here:

Gets You In Shape

Salsa is a dance form that is full of energy and targets different muscles of your body. There are various Salsa moves that escalate your heart rate making your body ask for more oxygen. The more you breathe in, the more you feel refreshed afterward.

This dance form helps you burn fats and gradually lose weight. Your body gets more toned and firm with regular Salsa lessons.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Salsa can help reduce blood pressure. The moves are sure to get your heart pumping and in turn decrease the risk of heart diseases. An hour of Salsa every day will not only make you a better dancer but also solve heart-related health issues. Now isn’t that awesome!

Targets Problem Areas

Salsa is definitely better than running or walking as it targets those body parts that are prone to accumulate fat. Salsa requires you to move backward and perform graceful, swift movements that are a great way to work on your love handles, bottom and back rolls. So continues salsa moves will guarantee no unwanted fat staying there.

Builds Core Strength

This dance form definitely helps strengthen your core. There are various stances and moves that need you to work on your core stability. It also helps improve your posture and gets you fitter with every passing day.

Refreshing For The Mind

A good exercise or dance routine is always the best way to vent out all the stored energy in your body. Salsa rejuvenates your mind and by the end of a class, you are sure to feel refreshed.

A benefit:

You can get your spouse along to join the class and the two of you can rekindle the romance as well as help each other stay fit.

Awesome right!

This World Dance Day, stay fit and in great shape but shaking those hip!

Here’s a link to the basics in Salsa as everyone is currently in lockdown

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