Posted on June 18, 2016 at 2:41 am

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#VictoriaSecret: How To Get The Perfect Victoria Secret Waves This Summer!

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The bombshell boho wave, made famous by the Victoria Secret Angels, is the perfect statement look this summer, reminding us of fun beach days and long summer evenings. Asgar Saboo, celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Cindy Crawford & Eva Longoria gives you a step by step guide to on how to get this must have sultry summer style.

Day old hair

The Victoria Secret look works best on day old hair that has not been freshly washed. Clean hair often loses all the cool delicate textures that natural oils, humidity and moisture create so will slip out of pins and make your attempt of hairstyle harder to obtain.

Tip: If you do wash your locks, make sure you use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner so as to not weight down the hair creating lifeless hair that is hard to style.

After Washing Salt Spray Spritz

Roughly towel dry your hair after getting out of the shower. Using a salt spray spray the product all over the lengths and ends of your damp hair. This will add the muddled texture you need and will also add staying power to your style.


Pick Your Parting

Every Victoria Secret model chooses where her parting is placed, so pick yours carefully. Whether to the side, middle or off centre it is up to you. It is worth noting that most Victoria Secret models wear a central parting to add perfect symmetry to their face.

Tip: Use a comb to create a straight line from your hairline to the crown of your head.


The Blow Dry

Make sure you blow out your hair so you gain volume right before the start of your heat styling. The perfect blow-dry is about focusing the direction of the hair when it is drying. For the Victoria Secret voluptuous look, it is best to use the concentrator nozzle of your hairdryer. Taking a small sections of hair lay the top end over the brush. With the hairdryer on high heat but medium power, hold it adjacent to the hair and pull along the brush whilst lifting the hair up and outwards.



Curling Tongs

Begin curling your hair all over using two-inch sections as the look is all about big waves. Make sure to curl and separate the hair pieces that fall along your face, behind. Allow each curl to cool, this allows the curls to set without becoming dishevelled and will make them last much longer.

Tip: If you gently tie your hair back in a loose pony or scrunch into and bun this will keep your curls bouncy when putting on your makeup.



Back Brush

Let down your hair and start back brushing it, gently teasing your hair at the roots so as not to disrupt the curls. This helps make your hair look fuller, bigger, and slightly less polished in a bigger voluptuous sensual way.

Tip: You can add more volume and texture by fluffing volume powder into the roots of your hair.


Hair Spray

Finish off your look with a flexible hold hairspray, so that your hair bounces as you walk.



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