Posted on December 2, 2010 at 9:52 am


Do We REALLY Need You?

Christianity-Follow the Bible and Believe Jesus Chirst is their saviour

Sikhism-Now follow the Guru Granth Sahib as their only Guru

Hinduism-Follow the Scriptures of the Bhagwat Geeta
Islam-Believe in Muhammad (pbuh) and the Quran

So other than the Granthis/Pandits/Molvis do we need a Leader figure to show us “the way”?
The amount of religious figures in the Media world wide is growing by the day as we see on the numerous Television Channels that air their discourses BUT are they Humanitarians or money scrounging “machines”?
We see alot of these humanitarian figures who are out there to “spread the word of peace” or even impose their ideas of spirituality, life or religion. there are also a growing amount of religious channels. How official is the person on the screen in front of us? Who decided that they are a “Saint” or a “Priest”? How genuine are these religious figures? Is this a cover up to shield the unbelievable? A religious figure in the past was a body that you could trust and was beleived to be the saviour of our bad deeds and there wasn’t many of them around. especially in the west, people had to travel miles to be blessed. However, presently there are questions and issues raised upon the amount of religious leaders there has formed, “Gurus” and “saints” have been said to hide behind this highly respected identity and are said to be taking criminal actions such as immigration, false marriages, rape murder and believed to be running criminal gangs.

These religious figures come to “The West” always after donation for a new temple, charity or seem to be in financially difficult situations, therefore naive followers trust in their religious figure and feel honoured and most priviledged to give so generously, ever seen as to where the financial help goes? If a religious figure is present in front of you they must belong to a registered charity which means the government funds them with the necessary finance each year to maintain the organisation plus small charity from members of the charity.

Religious figures are using an individuals problem or weakness as their strength. Families and individuals go to these places to share difficult times but instead they are being robbed of their riches and “recruited”, When is someone going to realise and raise this as a serious issue? How are we going to differenciate the genuine religious figures to the ones that our conning?

Here I have some examples from YouTube to show what is happening in the religious world and how religion and politics is no longer a different subject.

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