Posted on September 18, 2023 at 10:04 am

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Farnaz Shetty opens up about her Ganesh Chaturthi plans

Actress Farnaz Shetty says that festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi have always been very significant to her. She adds that every year, she celebrates the festival with much fervor.


Photo Courtesy Farnaz Shetty Team
Photo Courtesy Farnaz Shetty Team


“I have been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi since childhood because my mother is Maharashtraian and at my maternal side everybody keeps Ganesha for three to five days. We have puja and arti gatherings for those days. So, it’s one kind of very auspicious space and everybody comes in one place. They spare time to meet each other. I get invitations from my friends and so whenever I get time, if I’m not shooting, I go there, I visit them. We make Modak at home and we celebrate. My cousins bring Ganesha home and they make eco-friendly Ganesha at home with mud and clay and do the Visarjan at home only.  So, these are the things that we follow and I think everybody is getting into that direction where they celebrate also and at the same time take care of the environment,” she says.

Of course, yummy food and sweets are a big part of the festival.

“The delicacy I like is Modak, the only thing that reminds me of Ganesh Chaturthi. Other than that, I think if at all I get a chance, I will participate in making a handmade Ganpati someday in the future, not as of now. And some of the wishes have come true and some of them are on its way. So let that finish first and later I’ll ask for,” she says.

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