Posted on September 15, 2023 at 4:56 am

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Daisy Shah makes short film debut with ‘The Elephant In The Room’

Actress Daisy Shah, who plays the role of Meher in Aartie Miranni’s short film ‘The Elephant In The Room’, says that her relationship with Aartie and her husband Nitinn, who is also part of the film, contributed in her decision to take it up. She also loved the fact that the film was on Ganpati.


Photo Courtesy Daisy Shah Team
Photo Courtesy Daisy Shah Team


“First of all, because it’s Aartie and Nitinn, and they are like my family friends. They wanted me to play a part in this movie and it’s their first venture as producers and I said yes. Also, the film is on Ganpati, who would say no?” she says.

Talking about how she prepped for the role, she says,

“Honestly, I think that was the night I came from London where I was shooting for my show. I was under quarantine for seven days and immediately I went on the set for the shoot. I am almost playing myself in the film. So, no prep work was required and I do relate to my character.”

The film has been beautifully crafted, she says, adding,

“The way they have made the film, the way they have portrayed the entire script, it’s beautifully put up without making it crafty at all. And the things that go around within the situation during Ganpati where people are putting up their filters. And then at one particular point in time, all the filters have been taken off, and reality comes out.”

She adds,

“For me, I believe in the Almighty. We bring Ganpati at our place every year and I think that is the significance I hold for him but again I for me God does not have a form. I will bow down to any stone also.  I will consider that as a god. I have faith.”

Ask her what has been her most memorable incident while shooting for this film, and she says,

“All of them, actually. I think the best part is that I cannot reveal much about the film, but towards the end of the film, a lot of chaos was going on and we thoroughly enjoyed the chaos throughout the entire filming process. The director told us to be ourselves, where we are friends who are in the same place, but there are little secrets that come out about each other, and then how we take that anger out on each other, and eventually, we all become friends again. So it’s about that.”

She adds,

“Aartie is like family to me and I was treated like family. So, I felt at home working with them. I think Aartie and Nitinn are two people with whom I’m comfortable, and I can speak my heart out to them. I can tell them what is right or what is not right, what I’m comfortable with or what I’m not comfortable with because if you cannot tell these things to family, then with whom will you share?”

The short film will stream on Humaramovie YouTube Channel from 19th September. It is directed  by Krishan Hooda, Presented by Alter Ego Entertainment, produced by Aartie Miranni & Prakash Moolani and Dialogue and Screenplay is by Neeltarni Pratap. The Elephant In The Room star cast includes Daisy Shah, Viraf Patell, Nitinn R Miranni, Salonie Patel, Pratiksha Sen, Akanksha Pandey and Sankalp Joshi.

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