Posted on August 14, 2023 at 4:41 am

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Rohit Choudhary: Independence is positive freedom for me!

Actor Rohit Choudhary (currently seen in the hit film Gadar 2) says that for him, Independence Day means the freedom to advance. He says that our freedom must be from evils such as unemployment and financial dependence.


Photo Courtesy Rohit Choudhary Team
Photo Courtesy Rohit Choudhary Team


“For me, Independence means positive freedom and this can be achieved through more knowledge, more opportunities and more financial strength. Knowledge gives you freedom from ignorance. Opportunities give you freedom from unemployment. And financial strength gives you freedom from dependence. These three things together can make a nation strong and independent,” he says.

Meanwhile, with patriotism in the air, ask Rohit which is his favourite patriotic film, and he says,

“My favourite film is Shaheed Bhagat Singh as he is my favourite freedom fighter. Bhagat Singh’s story and character inspired me the most. Since childhood his rebellious strong character moves me completely. He was not only forthright but his vision was futuristic which was much ahead of his time. He was a visionary and a young martyr. I fall short of words to portray his aura and his impact on me through words. Through this, I want to put forward my message to the youth to take pride and value the independence we have today,” he says.

He adds,

“The number of lives we lost and the blood that has flown ruthlessly to make India shall not go waste.  I am asking the youth of India to make the best use of their resources in making India proud and strong. Humara Hindustan zindabad tha, Zindabad hai aur zindabad rahega!”

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