Posted on August 29, 2023 at 2:19 am

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Actor Aditya Deshmukh shares his liking for sports this National Sports Day

Actor Aditya Deshmukh is currently seen as Vikram Shukla in Colors’ show Suhaagan, the young actor shares his views on playing sports, games, and how that is important in our life. On the occasion of National Sports Day how can governments, schools, and organizations work together to create a lasting culture of sports and fitness?


Photo Courtesy Aditya Deshmukh Team
Photo Courtesy Aditya Deshmukh Team


He says,

“I think sports are a unique thing. Every student, whether in schools or colleges, should be a part of it. Sports can showcase the talent individuals have and promote them rather than just being all-rounders. It depends on which category one falls into. I remember when I was in school, even though I was more into cricket and had a liking for playing badminton, I started playing badminton during college time. But I was more passionate about cricket. I’ve played a lot of cricket in my school days. I’ve played enough matches, so the most memorable days for me are when I used to be a batsman in school cricket. And I think I could have been a cricketer if not an actor. Cricket is still an emotion for me. In our school and Colleges, sports are promoted really well.

I have played basketball quite well but still I was more of an average player. Since I was into cricket, they saw that I was fit and thought I could play basketball as well, a completely different game compared to cricket. So yes, I always had a passion for cricket. I liked cricket more, and in our schools, there were many cricket matches. However, I don’t see any promotions for hockey, which is our national sport. Because for that we need a bigger ground. But now, organisations do a lot of these things. There are yoga sessions today in every office. People do Pranayama and stuff, which is really good if you’re taking care of your mind and body.”

Aditya also shares how he feels sports has evolved over the years.

“It’s more evolved than anything. Today I watched the Indian Premier League which has become another-level game now. During our time, there were only 50-50 matches, then we saw T20. The growth of the Indian Premier League would go so far, and its popularity would grow so much, I had never even thought about it. Then there’s badminton, of course, in India players like Saina Nehwal, PJ Sindhu have given badminton a new identity. I just adore Saina Nehwal and her way of playing the sport. I have been to her live matches as well, she is too talented.”

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