Posted on May 4, 2023 at 1:57 am

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Rajat Barmecha: ‘I have always been a part of the projects, that excite me as an actor’

Everyone knows and loves him for Udaan but he has proven himself as one of the finest actors with every role he has done.

Photo courtesy Rajat team
Photo courtesy Rajat team

Rajat Barmecha is soaring high with his acting skills. From ‘The Girl In The City’ to ‘Kacchey Limbu’, he has been acing all the roles!

The star has given us some memorable performances over the years. He has charmed the audience with his characters and his chocolate-boy face has always swooned us. But regardless, the actor has always been part of spectacular projects, there’s always depth and substance in all of them.

Talking about how he chooses a script Rajat said, “ When I started out I knew nothing about cinema. The concept of world cinema didn’t exist for me. There was no knowledge or understanding of a story line, the graph of a character, the subtle layers and sub layers of a scene. None of this made sense back then. Udaan changed this for me. It opened a door which I didn’t even know existed. Vikram (Motwane) introduced me to cinema which blew my mind and taught me so much as a viewer and as a performer”.

He further added, “Today, when I read a script I see so much more than just what’s written. I have always been a part of the projects that excite me as an actor, that forces me to leave my comfort zone and experiment. And I feel fortunate enough for this journey so far and I strongly believe that the journey ahead is going to be beautiful and beyond.“

On the professional front, Rajat will be seen in Kacchey Limbu, opposite Radhika Madan. The movie revolves around a pair of siblings and their struggle to balance their families’ expectations while also trying their luck at their passions. The film is produced by Jio Studios.

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