Posted on March 17, 2023 at 3:11 am

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This World Sleep Day, Nivedita Basu shares how she deals with getting good sleep

March 17 is World Sleep Day. The day celebrates the healthy habit of sleeping on time and well, benefits of a good sleep and throws light on the ailments that sleep disorders might lead to. In our first paced life, many of us are sleep deprived. Many try to manage by just four hours of sleep. Producer Nivedita Basu, who is the Head of Content Strategy and Business Alliances Atrangii, talks on the issue.

“I still remember one interview of Shah Rukh Khan where he said that if you want to be successful you need to be restless. You can’t be relaxed and I think I followed it not just because Shah Rukh Khan said it but I think I did it way before when I was working with Ekta Kapoor,” she says.

Nivedita Basu managed with 4 hours of sleep or even less during her younger days and sometimes even now.

“When you work, have young kids, it’s difficult to strike a balance. But I still recommend everyone else around me to maintain healthy sleeping hours. I have come to know that obesity and weight gain is related to lack of sleep. That’s why maybe I’m not losing weight (laughs). I do agree that sleep is essential and in the past few years I’ve been trying to add a lot of sleep hours in my schedule. Sometimes in my day when I’m home and did not leave for work, I try to take power naps. That really helps when people like us are using their brains to create content, observe things, and put it down on paper. I won’t be biased only for us but for anyone in that matter, from kids to elderly,” she adds.

About how much sleep a person should get every night, Nivedita says,

“Thankfully I never had insomnia. God has been kind. I work so much during the day that when I hit bed at the end of it, I’m fast asleep. I think it’s for the people who don’t keep their minds occupied and they mostly suffer from insomnia. You have to constantly keep your mind occupied. I have seen a lot of times, housewives, friends who don’t work daily, they over-imagine things, and end up over-thinking.”

While sharing tips for getting a good night’s sleep, Nivedita mentions about the screen time that needs to go down. She explains her viewpoint.

“Keeping away from the phone is a great idea if you want to sleep early and not get distracted. A lot of people think that they will do their updates, check stuff just before going to bed. I think that’s a bad idea. For years and years, one thing I do is that I keep my phone on silent so whoever genuinely wants to reach out to me, they Whatsapp. The moment I decide to sleep, I put my phone in another room so that I don’t have that urge to get up and check my messages. And it has really helped me. Like I said, sleeping has never been a problem for me because I am always overworked both professionally and personally. I enjoy a good sleep and whenever I wake up I’m fresh and my body kind of makes up for all the damages done given our hectic lifestyle,” she adds.

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