Posted on March 15, 2023 at 6:34 am

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Hetal Yadav on how ‘RRR’ and ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ win at the Oscars 95 has put India on the Global Pedestal

In the last few days, the Indian Film Industry has created a great benchmark by achieving some great milestone at Oscars 95 in the form of Best Documentary Film (The Elephant Whisperers) and Best Original Song (Naatu Naatu).

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Talking about how this achievements have put India and Indian Films on the global pedestal, Imlie actress Hetal Yadav, who’s herself a filmmaker says

“Definitely for every Indian it is a very proud moment and specially being from same film fraternity for me it is even more prouder moment. This time it is too much exciting because there are 2 categories from Indian films we’ve bagged Oscar. One is Naatu Naatu and the other one is Elephant Whisperers and that too it’s a short film made by Indians. This a global achievement.”

Furthermore, she added

“I want to congratulate Rajamouli for this and the Elephant Whisperers whole team and congratulate them. They’ve inspired more Indians to dream to reach to Oscars. I’m inspired completely by Rajamouli I’m already his fan and from out of every film Bahubali is my favourite movie. After Bahubali I a desire to work with him. I don’t mind working with him as an assistant also, I just want to be around and closer to him, observe him.”

Lastly, an ecstatic Hetal also expressed her desire to win a Oscar herself.

“Seeing Indian people getting Oscars now I also have this desire to be there in future and get oscars someday it’s a too big dream for me but it’s a wish. These people have inspired me to work harder. Also I’m so much inspired and mesmerised by Priyanka and her work.” She concluded.

Here’s wishing the entire team of ‘RRR’ and ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ a heartiest congratulations for putting Indian Film Industry on the Global Pedestal.

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