Posted on March 31, 2023 at 12:43 am

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Alboe on his upcoming album ‘Love Languages’ and ‘Electronic Music’

As the moniker suggests, A Little Bit of Everything or Alboe is an international music producer and Dj based out of New Delhi whose music has been growing exponentially since his launch in 2021.

Photo courtesy Alobe team
Photo courtesy Alobe team

Alboe has developed a unique style that blends classical Indian sounds with westem influences that is beginning to take the world by storm.


These sounds have been delicately perfected and compiled to create his debut album “The Painter” launched through the label Krunk Kulture in 2021.


For his next big release titled, Love Languages, Alboe dives deeper into the roots of Indian classical and regional music.


The EP contains songs in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and English and it revolves around the theme of long-lasting love. The title track of project, Malx featuring Shrii is Alboe’s first ever music video set to release on 31st March, 2023.


Speaking of his upcoming album Alboe said,


“The upcoming EP love languages essentially is a dive into love in its all forms be itself love, outwardly love.  Then subcategories of outwardly love, which are romantic love, familiar love.  Just.  Friendly love, aspirational luck And this EP tries to showcase all of that with six songs. They are also sung in different languages. 1 is in Bengali, 1 is in Punjabi, 1 is in Hindi, one is in English. And.  It uses singers from different regions who are excellent in their craft. There are about four singers who collaborated on this EP, as well as one lyricist, and we’ve all tried to come together to bring it about. just showcasing the importance of love and how it can be such a huge driving factor in all our life decisions. And yeah, I love languages. is an attempt to showcase love in its different mediums, I would say”.


Talking about kat Inspired him to make Electronic music Alboe revealed,


“Well, I would love to make music in its many forms. It could be live or electronic. But I’m inspired to make electronic music because It has that unique capability of molding sounds and textures into the exact way the composer would like them; it has a lot of adaptability and customization capabilities that instruments do not have. The other reason is that I feel electronic music has. More strength when it comes to making dance music because you can synthetically make beats and sounds that bring out a certain, you know, energy that would be much tougher with live instruments. The biggest inspiration to make electronic music was when I watched a v.g. and Swedish House Mafia live almost a decade and a half ago, and it really inspired me to see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. I just danced away to this sort of music for hours, and I was really inspired by that”.


Opening up on who he looks upto when it comes to music Alboe said,


“I have a lot of inspiration when it comes to music. I think I can go from Hans Zimmer to AR. Even for Calvin Harris on the other end of the spectrum, the inspirations are endless. I feel that I really appreciate artists who understand flow, especially artists who take you from one place to another. Leave you at another place, and those kinds of artists really inspire me and Hans Zimmerman and Ludovico and Albi, even bands such as Jungle and Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd is a huge inspiration for me as well. These artists really Each song brings out a certain emotion, and the lyrics mostly convey that, and in the case of Armand and Soleil, the music they made for movies is also exactly correlated with the emotion that the scene is trying to bring about in the movie. So I feel these artists really understand the emotion behind each of the songs they create, and they really pick up the listener from one place and leave him at another. So these guys are one of my biggest inspirations”.

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