Posted on February 2, 2023 at 10:08 am

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Nimrit, MC Stan and Shiv face torment in recent task

Archana Gautam along with Priyanka Chahar and Shalin Bhanot torture all Mandli members namely Nimrit Stan & Shiv. Archana gets harsh on Nimrit & throws haldi & & chilli powder on her face which makes Tear Ducts of her eyes react to flush irritants with overdrive of Tears.

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Nimrit asks Archana not to throw haldi and chilli powder on faces, to which  Archana replied saying “Haldi ka tilak lagando, humaari bhi toh jal rahi thi toh.” Not only Archana but also Shalin and Priyanka Chahar splash buckets of cold water on her to win the game. Shalin, Priyanka and Archana after performing their task a day earlier were heard revealing that they were acting about getting tortured in the task. Priyanka and Shalin both said that they were acting it out so that Team A (Mandali) would not torture them during the task.

Infact Priyanka’s fans have stooped down to the lowest level to spread hatred for Nimrit, we would like to ask why? Clearly as mentioned by Priyanka that she was acting to be tortured to save herself then why spread hatred for others. Priyanka’s false narrative of using the statement “Le Jao” to be as “Le Jao Salo” was another manipulation by her by adding the word “Salo” in it which Nimrit didn’t even use and is rather used by Archana.

It is important to look, process & then react before giving a verdict on social media. It is easy to sit back & comment on situations & difficult to be in them.

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