Posted on February 23, 2023 at 2:09 am

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Here’s why you should be watching Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2!

The second season of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain is enjoying a good run on our television screens. The show recently underwent a generation leap, and the story now revolves around Ram and Priya’s daughters. While Pooja Banerjee plays Pihu, Niti Taylor plays Prachi, Ranndeep R Rai plays Raghav, and Leenesh Mattoo plays Angad. Here are some reasons why this is one show you should be watching!

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  1. The New Pairing

Niti Taylor and Ranndeep R Rai’s pairing is already winning the viewers’ hearts. Prachi and Raghav’s love story is also unique. Raghav has clear feelings for Prachi but she is not aware of it. Irrespective of this, Raghav always stands beside Prachi and supports her without expecting anything in return. Prachi, on the other hand treats Raghav as an equal and stands up for him whenever he is called a ‘servant’ by others.

  1. The New Male Protagonist

Often, the male protagonist is an angry young man from a wealthy family. Raghav is a positive young man who is an assistant to Prachi’s uncle, Lakhan (Hiten Tejwani). This, presents a more realistic situation which not only female, but also male viewers will be able to connect to. Raghav is a simple person who appreciates the finer things in life.

  1. The Performances

Niti Taylor delivers a sincere performance as Prachi and carries forward the show just as well as Disha Parmar’s Priya did. Ranndeep R Rai’s dedication and genuineness also translate into a stellar performance as Raghav. Pooja Banerjee also shines in her portrayal of Pihu, who is almost opposite to her sister, while Leenesh Mattoo once again delivers a charming performance, this time as Angad. As always, Hiten Tejwani stands out, and so does the rest of the cast.

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  1. Overall Freshness

Post leap, there is a sense of freshness in every scene, which indicates the change in a generation. Despite being a new generation, there is no lack of heart and emotion. Prachi and Raghav often have deep and meaningful conversations. Angad’s humour is also unlike other macho characters. Pihu may appear to be frank but she is still good at heart. Meanwhile, Lakhan has his past appearing in front of him, in the form of his former love, Avni, who is now married to business rival Siddharth. These new complex relations also make the show more interesting.

  1. Different shades of Love

Whether it’s the care and concern of Prachi for Pihu or the bromance between Raghav and Angad, there are different shades of love on the show, which make it so interesting to watch. The different types of relations showcase how love may come in different forms, but it is still so delightful to watch and experience.


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