Posted on February 10, 2023 at 6:14 am

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7 Reasons why Fans feel Shalin Bhanot most deserves to win Bigg Boss

Shalin Bhanot has been around for some time now in the industry & despite having worked in a variety of shows across all genres, the actor came in on the show with some emotional baggage. When no one believed he could go far into the show, he proved them wrong, week after week. Even Bigg Boss said in last night’s episode that a contestant like Shalin will be very difficult to find & replace in the coming seasons. His journey was a testament that good always triumphs & quoting him ‘ Achhe bante ho toh logo ko lagta hai fake ho’, so he proudly carries around the ‘Fake’ badge.

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An emotional backstory

For years Bigg Boss house has invited people who have had a story to tell, who were sometimes the eye of the storm & overcame it, people who needed a second chance, people who were perceived wrongly. Shalin came in with all of the above & never shied away from calling Bigg Boss his second chance at life. He never believed in keeping his past discreet or leading people the wrong way. Shalin didn’t use Bigg Boss to white wash what was being said about him. He just went with the flow & never played the victim.

Broke stereotypes

For living in a society where Men who cry are weak or even talking about mental health is a taboo. Shalin smashed all stereotypes by openly embracing his weak moments on national television & was open to talk about his mental illness. Even yesterday after Bigg Boss applauded him for his spectacular journey, Shalin thanked his team of doctors & psychiatrists to help him keep his sanity.

Own up to his mistakes

We believe the most talked about contestant in the history of Bigg Boss seasons during Weekend Ka Vaar is undoubtedly Shalin Bhanot. From Week 1, he was either reprimanded or given advice by Salman Khan. While everyone would get defensive when their mistakes were pointed at, Shalin would join hands & would humbly apologise & also take the suggestions seriously to alter his game.

No scheming, pure play.

Apart from few temporary friendships that were detrimental to his game & with Salman’s & Bigg Boss’ interference, Shalin cut ties with people who ruined his game, Shalin has never initiated to form a group for vote bank, nor did he ask for favors or bribed people for captaincy nominations. He wasn’t actively a part of any group, though he was someone easy to be around & has had good conversations with his fellow inmates. Despite any external help & without even a single captaincy, Shalin made it to TOP 5.


This season had the least number of tasks as compared to all other seasons, but Shalin has been in the forefront & always been actively involved even knowing that he didn’t have majority on his side. He’s always given his best.


Be his childlike innocence as he complained about Chicken, or his banter with Salman, his funny stories from his outside world or his conversations with Bigg Boss, Shalin’s dialogues & hand gestures have made quite a ripple & that is something the audience will remember him for the longest time. From his fellow inmates to the host to the guests who have come on the show, Everyone knows & can copy Shalin’s unique Style. Even Anil Kapoor pointed out that Shalin has a unique style.

Good looks, Good looks

Shalin was often bullied for his age but he can give any 20 something model a run for his money. His passion for fitness was evident on the show & he was undoubtedly one of the most good looking people on this show. Shalin would carefully eat as per his nutritionist, even on the show, his shirtless avatar dropped jaws of girls inside & outside & his impeccable taste in fashion made his personality charming & made him stand out.

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