Posted on January 30, 2023 at 2:08 am

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Shiv Thakare manages to remain headstrong in the Bigg Boss 16 house

Bigg Boss 16 is now in its penultimate week and the game shows no sign of dying down yet! With game-changing evictions and new mind-bending tasks, the contestants are being challenged every moment in this final stretch.

We also see how while some friendships have been constantly changing just to move ahead in the game, the ‘mandali’ (Shiv, Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul) remains solid which is truly commendable.

One of the most loved contestants this season is Shiv Thakare. Shiv has been winning the audience’s hearts from the beginning of the season for various reasons such as his many bonds and frank yet sweet nature, to name a few. However, in the last two weeks, Shiv has been constantly targeted by fellow contestant Priyanka. On numerous occasions, she has tried to poke and instigate Shiv to generate a reaction from him, which she, in turn, can use against him. She has also again and again brought gender into her arguments by playing the infamous ‘woman card’ with Shiv. There are so many instances when Shiv has taken care of his fellow female contestants during the show and fans have even shared clips of those moments.

The neutral audience can see how tough the atmosphere is becoming for Shiv but he shows no sign of backing down! This again becomes another reason why Shiv Thakare has the characteristics of an ideal and deserving winner. He also carefully decoded Priyanka and Archana’s game in a task on the recent Shukravar Ka Vaar episode.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Shiv’s fans have been doing a trend to show their support and give their blessings to Shiv to win. Fans have been trending the tagline “VIJAYI BHAVA SHIV THAKARE”  and according to social media, a flash mob has also taken place by fans in Shiv’s home state of Maharashtra.

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