Posted on January 27, 2023 at 3:01 am

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Depression cannot be made fun of says Shardul Pandit, while netizens call Tina-Priyanka Evil twins

Bigg Boss is a show that has changed lives, moreso it changes the perception for years to come about actors. This season has been quite a game changer. We are only 3 weeks away from the finale & the competition is only getting tougher.

One of the most talked about contestants this season Shalin Bhanot came in on the show as a second chance at life & won hearts with his antics & childlike innocence & also faced some flak for his alleged on & off relationship with Tina.

After Salman Khan warned Shalin of being played on by Tina, he straightened up & changed the course of his game & being averse to Tina. Tina on the other hand joined hands with Priyanka & the two have been infamous for playing a dirty game by mocking Shalin.

Last week Shalin had a mental breakdown on national television where he spoke about his mental illness & has been prescribed antidepressants. The actor is having a hard time & is gradually trying to catch breath.

While Shiv & Stan extended him an olive branch on humanitarian grounds, Tina & Priyanka are leaving no stone unturned to trigger his anxiety.

In the last episode, both of them were seen mocking his mental illness & calling it a game play. This enraged his fans & they took to Twitter to give this two a new name #EvilTwins.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shardul Pandit also took to Twitter to express his anger over the loose comments on mental health. He wrote, ‘Depression & Anxiety can never be made fun of. Saw some contestants do that. Shalin, Stay strong.’

Some tweets read :

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