Posted on January 29, 2023 at 10:28 pm

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Actress Tina Datta Says She Has Come Out of Bigg Boss 16 Much Stronger

Tina Datta
Photo courtesy of Tina Datta’s team

Bigg Boss season 16 experienced a shocking eviction with actress Tina Datta getting evicted from the house. The actress who has been making most noise, be it her style, fashion sense, comebacks, bold stands, or powerful persona; she seemed to have it all!! Her eviction created a huge uproar on social media and fans went all sad, expressing how they’d not want to watch Bigg Boss henceforth. But amidst all, they’ve been appreciating Tina’s journey and how wonderfully the actress carried herself in the times of challenges around her.

As she exits from the much loved reality show, Tina says, “This has been the greatest challenge I’ve taken on in my life and while I would have loved for things to have been different, I’ve come out as a changed person. I am overwhelmed with the love I’ve received in this journey and am grateful to each and everyone who has supported me through this challenging journey! I’ve come out as a stronger person because this house really is like a pressure cooker that tests you to your brink. I would have wished for more smiles but I’ve come with a great friend, some fond memories, a little bit of pain but stronger than ever!”

Photo Courtesy Tina Datta Team
Photo Courtesy Tina Datta Team

Tina Datta has been highly appreciated for her bold stands against the mandali. She has been the flag bearer to voice against the chauvinism that’s going around in the house. Tina’s best foot came ahead when she exposed evil play of other contestants in the house. Well, Tina has surely been a stunner of this season. We’re excited to see what she has in store ahead for all her fans out there!!

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