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Ambuj Dixit on assisting in a grand film like Kalank and roles he would love to do

Ambuj Dixit always wanted to be an actor. Since he was a kid, the world of movies intrigued him. While pursuing his BBA he realised that his love lies in performing arts and moved to Mumbai. He was lucky to have his family by his side. While the initial phase was a struggle, slowly he started to find pace.

Till now he was a part of the short film, Antara, the webseries, Damaged (season 1) and Love Crisis, and a string of ads. He also assisted in films such as Kalank, and did a cameo in Student Of The Year. He talks about his work and begins with Damaged..

“The experience of making Damaged was superb. First time I did a role where I was playing a guy who looks innocent but turns out to be this bad guy who betrays a girl’s trust when least expected,” he adds.

Love Crisis too was fun, according to the actor.

“My role was of a person who is caught up between two women who love him deeply but he is unsure of who is the one he should trust. It was a role that had a lot of layers to it, layers of trust, betrayal, insecurity, honesty, etc,” he says.

His journey as an assistant director has also been an interesting one. He shares that working in Kalank was superb and surreal.

“Never did I think I’d get an opportunity to assist in a grand film like that. There were moments when I used to get lost in the magic of grandiosity watching superheroes like Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit-Nene, and Varun performing in front of me. It was an experience I can never forget. Seeing Sanjay Dutt for the first time on set was a starstruck moment for me. I remember very well there was this scene that was supposed to happen between Sanjay Dutt and Varun, Sanjay Dutt was already there and Varun was about to come, between that I was supposed to do stand in for him and Sanjay Dutt was standing opposite me. I guess he was there thinking about this scene and kept his hand on my shoulders and asked me my name. I told him I love his film Aatish, to which he just smiled back and said all the best. Working with Madhuri ma’am was yet another star-struck moment for me. Her presence on set is just magical. She is also very humble and one of the most beautiful, talented, and professional actors I have ever come across,” he adds.

Photo Courtesy Ambuj Dixit Team
Photo Courtesy Ambuj Dixit Team

So what kind of roles is he looking out for?

“I want roles where I feel I can surprise people with my performance. I have always taken up things in my life that seemed strange to other people. Like when I did a small role in Student Of The Year many people discouraged me, but I still did it because it was something different and I felt I could do it and gain something out of it,” he says.

Ambuj is also open to doing television as a lead or parallel lead.

“In today’s time, there is opportunity everywhere, and TV is something that has always been there. I mean the biggest superstar of Indian cinema is from TV. I’m an actor, my job is to act, if I get good roles where I can show my talent whether it’s TV, OTT or films, I’ll definitely do it. I don’t believe in terms like typecast and all. I firmly believe in one thing said by Shah Rukh Khan, to get stereotyped you have to get cast first. And I have never forgotten that,” he ends.

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