Posted on November 25, 2022 at 12:39 am

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Sneha Wagh shares her views on the Jim Corbett tiger killing

A tiger was recently killed at the Jim Corbett National Park. While there was a huge uproar on social media about the killing, people are now strongly questioning the protection rules and regulations towards the animals in the park which has become a matter of concern.

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Actress Sneha Wagh, an ardent animal lover and one who loves to explore wildlife safaris, expressed her displeasure over the incident.

“It’s really sad that we are making slogans on ‘Save the tiger’ and talking about the initiative so strongly on and off social media! But the fact that we cannot stop these majestic animals from being killed in their own habitat is what hurts me the most. Inspite of the government taking action and putting in place strong protocols, reading about these killings breaks my heart,”says Sneha.

“I infact just visited Jim Corbett recently, so this news has really given me a big shock! The people at the forest reserve are very empathetic and ensure that there is no harm directed towards the animals. I just hope that over time people realize the importance of the lives of these animals and that they also equally matter!”, concludes Sneha.

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