Posted on November 1, 2022 at 1:44 am

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Shalin Bhanot fans angry about his food request not being taken seriously

If everyone is talking about Bigg Boss, it’s either Shalin Bhanot or chicken.


Undoubtedly much of this season, Bigg Boss is about Shalin Bhanot, good & bad both. Be his friendship with Sumbul & Tina or his love for chicken to his physique & shirtless visuals, one cannot deny that he’s possibly running the show this season.

Tomorrow’s promo gives us a glimpse of even Abdu immitating Shalin’s request to Bigg Boss for chicken followed by an argument with Priyanka who’d picked up on this one weakness, as Shalin has been prescribed by his doctor for a daily protein intake.

Today’s episode where Gautam gave up the entire week’s ration for captaincy, Gautam willingly extended 14 eggs to Shalin from the per day ration, which the latter respectfully declined & kept aside. All hell broke loose & Shalin was reprimanded by Bigg Boss himself who ridiculed his plea for chicken. ‘Cut the crap’, said Bigg Boss & eventually agreed that he would fulfil his medical needs.

This enraged many fans of the show, who pointed out that in previous seasons, some inmates had specific nutritional demands which were timely fulfilled. Like Khali, Shamita Shetty. Even Soundarya Sharma has chosen vegan food as her choice of meal, then why the hullabaloo around Shalin asking for his requirement?

While Bigg Boss has previously given Shalin tasks that require him to go shirtless, so netizenz call out the hypocrisy of the makers.

A fan posed a serious question,

‘I just have one question? Shalin Bhanot is asking for chicken, then what is wrong in that ? To maintain a certain muscle mass, we require a certain amount of protein & for an actor his physique is important and didn’t Shamita Shetty get loads of gluten free food.?’

We will have to wait and see what happens next.

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