Posted on November 2, 2022 at 1:35 am

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Fans joke, Bigg Boss should be renamed as Shalin Ka Show!

During last night’s episode when Bigg Boss said ‘Cut the crap’ directed towards Shalin, all hell broke lose on the internet. While some of them were amused for the use of such language first time in the course of the show, many fans expressed their anger & felt Shalin being cornered.


But is this the first time this has happened in this season, probably not? In the due course of one month since this show began, Shalin Bhanot has faced the brunt by the hands of Bigg Boss & also the host Salman Khan himself.

This was the first time this season where a contestant’s personal rendezvous with a medical professional was aired followed by a hullabaloo revolving Shalin’s mental state. Soundarya Sharma has time & again requested for vegan free food on camera but it is only Shalin who’s been summoned in the confession room & given a earful about his request for chicken for his nutritional needs as promised by the makers before entering the show.

Fans have time & again called out the bias of the makers but at the same time cannot ignore Shalin being targetted & his patience tested.

The actor who believes in non violence has been repeatedly called fake for not showing aggression & to make matters only worse,  Bigg Boss himself conferred the fake title to him in front of his other housemates, only for extending an olive branch to Gautam after the eviction prank.

We wonder if the makers are banking on the actor & pushing the envelope to get the most out of him. Only time will tell if Shalin emerges as a survivor or crumbles under pressure. Meanwhile many fans feel the show should be renamed as Shalin ka Show. What are your thoughts?

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