Posted on October 17, 2022 at 9:17 am

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Tina Datta’s Mother Removes Her Nazaar, After Actress Receives Compliments For Her Beauty

Actress Tina Datta is locked up in the Bigg Boss house this year and if we can say, she’s quite a treat for the viewers. Tina has been seen donning everything from Indian to western garb and has by far the best wardrobe in the house as the actress is experimenting with her wardrobe in the house.  Her attire is on point as she becomes relatable to the girl next door in her Indian outfits yet adds a modern touch with the shorts and dresses.


Fans have already been complimenting about how beautiful the actress is looking and so have the housemates.  Everyone from the host Salman Khan to Shekar Suman has been showering compliments about how pretty Tina is and last night’s episode saw the shower become stronger as co-contestant Shiv also endlessly spoke about Tina’s beauty.

Tina’s mother, like every traditional Indian mother, may not be able to meet her daughter due to the format of the show but the mother found a way to keep her daughter away from any evil eyes.  The cute Madhu AKA Tina’s Mom is in a cute video seen removing Tina’s nazar and saying, “Meri Beti Ko Kisika Nazar Na Lage….”  In the end she applies the black kajal dot, a tradition in our Indian families, that just melts our heart, because truly this is mother’s love, one that is priceless!

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